List of Nominees and Nominators

The list of nominees as of June 7, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. for the Election of a Coadjutor Bishop in the Diocese of Toronto are as follows:

The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Andison

Nominated by the following Members of Synod:

  • The Rev. Canon Simon Li (St. John, Willowdale)
  • Ms. Natalie Sampson (St. Timothy, Agincourt)
  • The Rev. Canon Christopher Greaves (Christ Church, Oshawa)
  • The Rev. Pamela Prideaux (Nativity, Malvern)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Drew MacDonald (St. John, York Mills)
  • The Rev. Chris Harper (Aboriginal Priest)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Barry Parker (St. Paul, Bloor Street)
  • The Rev. Dr. Stephen Drakeford (Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale)
  • The Rev. Clement Carelse (St. Peter, Erindale)
  • The Rev. Kim McArthur (St. Andrew, Alliston)

The Very Rev. Andrew Asbil

Nominated by the following Members of Synod:

  • The Rev. Canon John Anderson (St. James, Orillia)
  • Ms. Suzanne Lawson, ODT (St. Peter, Cobourg)
  • The Rev. Canon John Read (St. Clement, Eglinton)
  • The Rev. Donald Shields (Chaplain)
  • The Rev. Canon Cheryl Palmer (Christ Church, Deer Park)
  • Ms. Susan Laine Varkey (Christ Church, Deer Park)
  • The Rev. Canon Joanne Davies (Chaplain)
  • The Rev. Robert Gorham (Chaplain)
  • The Rev. Canon Jennifer Reid (St. Peter, Erindale)
  • Mr. James Beckwith (St. Peter, Erindale)

The Rev. Canon David Harrison

Nominated by the following Members of Synod:

  • The Rev. Colin Bowler (St. Paul, Newmarket)
  • The Rev. Jesse Parker (St. John the Evangelist, Port Hope)
  • The Rev. Greg Fiennes-Clinton (St. James, Caledon East)
  • The Rev. Robert Mitchell (St. Olave, Swansea)
  • The Rev. Megan Jull (St. Augustine of Canterbury)
  • The Rev. Dr. Monique Taylor (St. Andrew, Scarborough)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Andrew Sheldon (St. George on-the-Hill)
  • Ms. Marian Huffman (St. John the Evangelist, Port Hope)
  • The Rev. Shelley McVea (St. Saviour, Toronto)
  • The Rev. Jeff Nowers (Christ Church, Brampton)

The Rt. Rev. Victoria Matthews

Nominated by the following Members of Synod:

  • The Rev. Canon Stephen Fields (Holy Trinity, Thornhill)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Judy Paulsen (Wycliffe College)
  • Ms. Jean Glionna, ODT (Holy Trinity, Thornhill)
  • The Rev. Dr. Sean Davidson (Resurrection)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Philip Der (St. Christopher)
  • The Rev. Canon Peter Walker (Grace Church on-the-Hill)
  • The Rev. Canon Jerome Khelawan (St. Hugh and St. Edmund)
  • The Rev. Canon Ted McCollum (St. Paul, Beaverton)
  • The Rev. Irina Dubinski (Grace Church on-the-Hill)
  • The Rev. Canon Donald Butler (Trinity Church, Barrie)

The Rt. Rev. Kevin Robertson

Nominated by the following Members of Synod:

  • Mr. Peter Newell (St. Matthew, First Ave)
  • Mr. Chris Ambidge, ODT (Redeemer, Bloor St.)
  • Mr. Michael Farrell, ODT (St. Thomas a Becket, Erin Mills South)
  • The Rev. David Giffen (Redeemer, Bloor St.)
  • The Rev. Michelle Childs-Ward (St. George on-the-Hill)
  • The Rev. Philip Josselyn-Hamilton (Trinity, Aurora)
  • The Rev. Dr. Irwin Sikha (St. Margaret, Tamil)
  • The Rev. Susan Spicer (Parish of Fenelon Falls)
  • The Rev. Jeff Potter (St. Stephen, Maple)
  • Sr. Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas, SSJD (St. John’s Convent)

The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw

Nominated by the following Members of Synod:

  • The Rev. Sheilagh Ashworth (Parish of Lloydtown)
  • The Rev. Canon Nicola Skinner (Grace Church, Markham)
  • The Rev. Erin Martin (St. James the Apostle, Sharon)
  • Ms. Christian Woods (St. James the Apostle, Sharon)
  • The Rev. Simon Bell (St. Margaret, Barrie)
  • The Rev. Susanne McKim (Trinity-St. Paul, Port Credit)
  • The Rev. Dr. Alison Kemper (St. Matthias, Bellwoods)
  • The Rev. Samantha Caravan (St. John, West Toronto)
  • The Rev. Evelyn Butler (St. John, West Toronto)
  • The Rev. Joyce Barnett (St. Matthias, Bellwoods)

Any additional individuals who receive ten (10) nominations by a Monday at 3:30 p.m. will be posted on the Diocesan website on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. of that week.

Nominations may be submitted to the Chancellor c/o the Secretary of Synod at any time up until the final ballot. Nominations received on or before April 13, 2018 are included in the Convening Circular.  Nominations received after this date may be included in a Supplementary Convening Circular at the discretion of the Nominations Committee. For more information, see the Call for Nominations.