Anglican Church Women

The Anglican Church Women (ACW) in the Diocese of Toronto is a ministry that affirms the gifts of all Anglican women and gives them an opportunity to contribute through worship, learning and service.

The ACW ministers to church needs as well as to issues affecting the wider community, such as health, education and poverty. Membership is open to all Anglican women.


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ACW Deanery Days

Most deaneries try to have a special event for all the women in their congregations at least once a year. The format can range from an evening meeting with a guest speaker at a church to a whole day with a church service, business meeting, lunch and a speaker. For the whole-day version, it is helpful to follow these guidelines:

For more information, contact us at or phone 416-363-0018.

Ecclesiastical Needlework Committee

The Diocese of Toronto ACW Ecclesiastical Needlework Committee (ENC) is a group of Anglican Church Women who meet weekly to create liturgical textiles for local parishes. In 2013, the ENC celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The ENC meets on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. September through June at the Diocesan Centre, 135 Adelaide St. E. (just east of Church Street) in Toronto. If you would like to make new friends, learn to sew and embroider, and help create beautiful textiles for Toronto parishes, you are invited to join the group.

To learn more about joining or about ordering linens, new vestments or repair work, contact the ENC at 416-363-0018 or