The Plan in Action

As the world around us changes, we are committed to looking forward and building a healthy Anglican community, responsive to God’s mission today and in the future.


What do you think of the plan, and how have you been using it?

It makes clear where we are trying to go

I think it’s an excellent plan. It moves us in all the directions we need to move in. It particularly influences how I talk to congregations when I’m working toward reconfigurations. It makes clear where we are trying to go, as a diocese. Sometimes parishes don’t understand how the diocese makes decisions, so the plan outlines what we’re trying to move to: evidence-based decision-making, a commitment to leadership development, faith-based resource management. It makes it transparent to everybody, so that the wishes of the diocese in the reconfiguration conversations are clear and up front. This gives everyone a solid foundation in our negotiations and hope for the future.
Sharon Zagrodney
Diocesan volunteer facilitator for reconfiguration conversations
Church of St. Andrew, Scarborough


The move toward innovation and adaptability makes a lot of sense

In general, I think it’s a great plan, and I’ve seen it embodied in the efforts of my area bishop. I think the move toward innovation and adaptability makes a lot of sense. That is, as long as we are using adaptability and innovation as means to participate with God in the transformation of the world and not as the appropriation of neoliberal catchwords.

A second important area is leadership formation. My experience, as someone who responded to a somewhat non-traditional call to priestly ministry, was that the diocese was affirming of that call and encouraged me, but there wasn’t much in place in terms of formation. So what I see in the strategic plan is an attempt to create a more fulsome and diverse approach to ministry formation. Had this plan come into place a few years ago, I think I would have really benefitted from it.

Around the stewardship of resources, I think that leveraging real estate assets to support the mission of the church is a great idea. I would hope that it would also be an opportunity for us to think more broadly and theologically about land.
The Rev. Dr. Jason McKinney
Associate Priest-Missioner
Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale & The Jeremiah Community


Motivated to do the good work of the Church

I used the five focus areas of the strategic plan as the basis for my report to vestry here at St. John’s. I think that really speaks to the strength of the plan – that it is applicable at the parochial level as well as the diocesan level.

The other real strength of the plan is that clergy and laypeople can see places where they can be motivated to do the good work of the Church wherever they are and whatever their ministry involves.

One part of the plan I like in particular is identifying and raising up leadership. The work of discernment is always done in community, and much of the most important work that we do as parishes is done face-to-face, at the church door or the local coffee shop. Empowering laypeople to go about the work of discerning good leadership for their parishes is really important.

The other focus area that really sticks out for me is strengthening our stewardship of resources, both people and property – not just in the sense of getting people to give money or go on PAR, but in thinking more intentionally of stewardship as a matter of personal discipleship. We give because we recognize the blessing we have received in our own lives.

It’s also helpful to think of how we’re stewarding our human resources. Thinking intentionally about how much we are asking of our volunteers has been important for me in the parish – making sure that just as I try to practice self care, I’m also encouraging others to practice good habits.

I’ve been involved in a couple of strategic planning processes, and looking at this strategic plan and being able to identify with every single piece of it in my own context has been a really refreshing experience.
The Rev. Jesse Parker
St. John the Evangelist, Port Hope