Mabel A. Carleton Fund Grant

The Carleton Fund Grant is only for repairs and/or renovations to rectories inhabited by clergy (or soon to be occupied by clergy); rented rectories are not eligible. According to the terms of the Trust, funds are to be directed to those parishes who are in need of financial relief. A parish can only submit an application once every two (2) years; as a result, Vestry must approve the making of an application.


Carleton Grants fall under the jurisdiction of the Trusts Committee. Please refer to the Carleton Fund Grant Guidelines. Projects that require a Building Permit, or a loan that is not to be retired within one (1) year, require separate Diocesan Council approval under Canon 6. The terms of the Trust require the congregation to contribute an amount equal to the grant in cash or materials.

Application Form / Checklist:

  • Review the grant guidelines (above).
  • Click the link to download the Carleton Fund Grant application form.
  • Consult with your Area Bishop.
  • You will need to submit
    • a completed form with signatures of the Incumbent and Churchwardens of the Parish
    • a letter of support from the Area Bishop
    • most recent audited annual report to Vestry, including all financial statements
    • current operating fund statements – year-to-date
    • a copy of the Vestry Meeting Resolution giving approval in this matter
    • estimates from contractor(s)
  • Submit the application to Mr. David Badian, Director of Property Resources, for processing.


Complete application packages must be received at least one (1) week prior to the Trusts Committee meeting date (meeting dates are available on the Trusts Committee web page).

Additional information:



How much money is available?
Typically grants are for $5000 to a maximum of $12,000.


For more information, please contact Mr. David Badian, Director of Property Resources, 416-363-6021 (1-800-668-8932) ext. 245.

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