License Agreement

The License Agreement must be used for all recurring rentals of church space (eg. Boy Scouts, Book Clubs, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings etc.). Please note that this is a legal document and only the areas highlighted in BLUE can be altered.

For NEW License Agreements:
–  Send a request to your Area Bishop’s office for a “Letter of Support”, including an UNSIGNED copy of the agreement along with a copy of the Licensee’s Certificate of Insurance. Please also include the Property Resources Department with this request.

–  Send an UNSIGNED copy of the agreement along with a copy of the Licensee’s Certificate of Insurance to the Property Resources Department.

These agreements must be received by the Property Resources Department by 12:00 pm at least one (1) week in advance of the next scheduled monthly meeting date of the Trusts Committee.

Mandatory Insurance Requirements

Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) Insurance of $2,000,000 per occurrence (for low-risk Licensees) or $5,000,000 per occurrence (for high-risk Licensees), including:

  1. Tenant’s Legal Liability: coverage of not less than $250,000.00;
  2. Additional Insured’s: both ‘The Incumbent and Churchwardens of…[insert the parish legal name]’ and ‘The Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Toronto’ must be listed on the certificate of insurance as additional insured’s.

For License Agreements, a standardized Diocesan “Certificate of Insurance” template is provided to help facilitate the interpretation of the insurance document received from a Licensee. If this form is used, it must be fully completed and signed/stamped by an authorized representative of the Licensee’s insurance company.

Low-Risk Licensees:  Examples of low-risk activities include adult craft groups, adult social groups, AA, or NA groups. All low-risk activities require at least $2,000,000 per occurrence of CGL insurance.

High-Risk Licensees: All activities involving children, youth (under the age of 18), or vulnerable adults require at least $5,000,000 per occurrence of CGL insurance. Other examples include: church groups, day cares or nurseries, dog training, and physical activities such as sports camps or gymnastics groups.

These insurance amounts ($5,000,000 for high-risk, and $2,000,000 for low-risk user groups) represent the per occurrence amount of CGL insurance required by the Trusts Committee of the Diocese in order to recommend to Diocesan Council approval of a License Agreement. Please note that it is also recommended that high-risk user groups carry insurance coverage for sexual abuse with limits as high as is possible to obtain, however, such insurance does not form part of the requirements of the License Agreement.

To help determine what is considered “high-risk”, please refer to the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith Policy or the “Assessing Risk” section of that program. The Sexual Misconduct Policy can be downloaded.

All Sport” User Group Insurance Program

Parishes may direct outside-user groups to Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. to purchase low cost CGL insurance under the “All Sport” program ($5,000,000 per occurrence for high-risk, and $2,000,000 per occurrence for low-risk user groups). Information on this program is circulated annually as part of the Diocesan insurance program renewal package.

Rates: Aon User Group Program Guide
Application: Aon User Group Application

For more information on the Anglican Church of Canada “All Sport” User Group insurance program, please contact the following at Aon:

Dennis Fitzgerald, Account Executive
Tel:      416-868-5705
Fax:     416-868-5580

Dennis Hinh, Account Coordinator
Tel:      416-868-4099
Fax:     416-868-5580