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Celebration of New Ministry at St. Olave, Swansea

In the evening of Thursday, July 28, Bishop Poole and the people of St. Olave, Swansea celebrated the ministry of the Rev. Robert Mitchell.

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Added September 12, 2016

Order of the Diocese Presentation

On Tuesday, September 6, Bishop Poole visited the home of Mr. Harry Walcott to present him with the Order of the Diocese. Mr. Walcott was nominated by St. Joseph of Nazareth, Bramalea, for his dedicated and passionate love of serving God and God’s people.


Added September 12, 2016

YCV Admins in Motion

Admins in Motion

We are thrilled to have Pamela Dwerryhouse join the Diocesan Office staff as the interim Administrative Assistant for the York-Credit Valley Bishop’s Office. Pamela will be staffing this office 4 days a week for the next 4 months while Arleane Ralph will be providing administrative support in the Trent-Durham Area Office. You can reach Pamela at the usual YCV extension (x223) or by email at pdwerryhouse@toronto.anglican.ca.

Added August 4, 2016

New Regional Dean

We are so pleased to welcome the Rev. Mark Gladding to the role of Regional Dean of the Etobicoke-Humber deanery, as of July 1, 2016. We remain deeply grateful to the Rev. Canon Al Budzin for his outstanding leadership and service as Regional Dean, and we wish him nothing short of the very best in his retirement.

Added June 30, 2016

Farewell Fête in Mississauga and North Peel Deaneries

On the evening of June 3rd, Bishop Phil Poole and Mrs. Karen Poole were celebrated at a gathering of Mississauga and North Peel clergy at the church of St. Elizabeth. The Rev. Canon Jennifer Reid and the Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw did a spectacular job organizing this event that was enjoyed by all, most especially the Pooles, as is evident in this picture.

June 5 Farewell Event North Peel_Mississauga Deaneries

Added June 15, 2016

New Regional Dean

We are so pleased to welcome the Rev. Canon Paul J. Walker to the role of Regional Dean of the Mississauga deanery, as of May 18, 2016. We remain grateful to the Rev. Canon Jennifer Reid for her cheerful, insightful and faithful service as Regional Dean for the past seven years.

Added May 18, 2016

Pentecost at St. Matthias, Etobicoke

Bishop Poole visited St Matthias, Etobicoke on May 15, 2016 to celebrate the feast of Pentecost and to welcome the clergy and people of St Philip, Etobicoke who will be worshiping at St Matthias while their own building undergoes renovations.

Added May 19, 2016

Dedication Service & Folksgala for the Opening of St. Elizabeth’s Addition, April 24, 2016

Added May 13, 2016

Churchwardens’ Commissioning and Evensong

Many thanks to all those who participated in the York-Credit Valley Churchwardens’ Evensong and Commissioning Service in April.  This was a very beautiful and inspiring service. The Bishop’s homily was a wonderfully practical and uplifting recognition of the contribution churchwardens make to the life of the church, and the reception that followed gave everyone an opportunity to meet fellow wardens in conversation and fellowship. St Peter’s Erindale is to be thanked for their fine hosting of the occasion.

Added May 12, 2016

Confirmation ~ St. George the Martyr, March 27 St George the Martyr confirmation March 27 2016

  Added April 20, 2016

Confirmation ~ Trinity-St. Paul, Port Credit, March 16

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A Glimpse of How and Where YCV Area Grants are Working

At its March meeting, Area Council reviewed feedback from various parishes that had received funding in the fall of 2015 for ministry development and parish partnership projects. We are delighted to showcase a selection of details from these reports. There are some truly wonderful new and ongoing ministries in the York-Credit Valley area, and the organizers and volunteers responsible for these projects should be commended for their innovation and enthusiasm, and their dedication to community outreach, parish collaborations, and youth and children’s ministry. This is just a sampling of recent grant-related activity. See the Area Grants page for a full list of YCV grant recipients in past years and to learn more about available funding, how to apply in 2016, and how to submit feedback on grants received in previous years.

St Hugh and St Edmund Youth Group:

“The youth program is a great success. The youth don’t want to leave the youth group when their parents come. The youth are inviting their friends to join the youth group. There is a greater participation of the parish within the community through the youth minister. Finally, the youth are more involved in extra-parishional activities which gives the youth the opportunity to be involved in the church family and feel like they are a part of the church in which they are worshipping.”

Mississauga Deanery Clergy at the 2016 National Bridal Show:

Jennifer Reid writes: “[A]s I handed out the promo cards and said ‘would you like a blessing for your wedding?’ many asked me what a blessing was.  I changed my line to ‘would you like a prayer for love’ and they received it happily and with thanks.  A reminder that our language may be confusing for people! Over the three days we handed out 650 or so promo cards and had countless conversations.”

National Bridal Show 2016 - the Rev. Reid talks to prospective newlyweds

National Bridal Show 2016 – the Rev. Jennifer Reid talks to prospective newlyweds

Paul Walker reports:  “A number of either committed faith types who were overwhelmed with delight that we were present, or a number of curious enquirers, particularly interested that we do outdoor venues. Overall it was good exposure and visibility for the church.”

National Bridal Show 2016 - the Rev Walker discusses liturgy with brides

National Bridal Show 2016 – the Rev. Paul Walker discusses liturgy with brides

 A footnote to the report:  “After engaging in chat for a few minutes with a large wedding group, Mark [Gladding] and [Jennifer Reid] overheard one of the women as they walked away saying ‘I had no idea the Anglican church was so warm and friendly.’”

St. Stephen-in-the-Field Braille Hymnals:

“We purchased the hymnal in question, and the parishioner in question is now an active choir member. braille hymnalWe believe that the inclusion in the choir of someone with obvious disabilities (the person has additional physical disabilities in addition to visual impairment) is a strong statement about the inclusive nature of the church. Inclusion is important and possible, and not as difficult as it sometimes may seem. We have ordered a second Braille hymnal, with funding from the Area Bishop’s discretionary fund, … [which] we intend to make available for wider use within the Deanery, in the hope of promoting the fuller inclusion of Braille-users in music ministries throughout the area.”

St Hugh and St Edmund Asian Congregation Ministry:

“This money allows for refreshment on Sundays after their service. … The Asian Congregation consists of one Lay Pastoral Assistant. They speak Punjabi, Hindi or other language and translate English speakers, such as the incumbent or deacon’s homilies. … There is a core of about 20 regular members, some baptized, some interested, and they often invite friends to join them for worship. They are acquainted with Anglicanism because of former experience in London, England. … Most of them seem, however, to be comfortable with a Pentecostal style of praying. It is important to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us through their faith, since many seem to have come to Christ through a personal conversion, through testimonies of others, through hearing the word, or through the encouragement of a Christian leader. This ministry is very much in line with the call for  Fresh Expressions, innovative style, new ways of coming to Christ, new music, and great witness of the faith in an area of the diocese which is largely Asian and multi-ethnic.”

St. Peter’s Erindale at the 2015 Baby Time Trade Show:

“34,000 people came through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre over the three days.  91% of those people were between the ages of 26-40 and 78% of those were expecting a child. There were a lot of baby bumps and strollers!  We had a well-made baby sign with our slogan “Faith takes baby steps, we can help you learn to walk,” a small table with children’s bibles (for conversation), a font with water and stones in it, and our giveaway was a glossy card with a bedtime prayer and parish info on it.  J Reid at BabyTime Show November 2015 We also had a basket of materials on choosing baptism, being a Godparent etc. (we gave away every booklet!)
         At the end of the event we had given away just under 800 prayer cards. At first I was disappointed, but when I learned that the Huggies booth, which was giving out free packages of diapers and wipes, gave out just under 1000, I thought we did very well.  It was interesting to see the number of people who happily took a card, paused, read the prayer and flipped the card over to see who we were.  About half of those people turned back and thanked us, smiling. Half of those people asked a question, or looked at the bibles, or took further information.  About 1 in every 10 or 12 then stayed for a chat.  We directed people to their local churches, talked about bibles and reading the faith stories to children, answered questions about why they might consider baptism and listened to their fears/hopes for their children.”

As varied as all the grant-supported projects and ministries are, the Rev. Jennifer Reid concluded her feedback report with a practical and passionate remark about what these efforts accomplish. It is reprinted here to remind us of the common purpose of them all:

“Will [the church] be inundated with new parishioners following this event, certainly not! But as my parishioners said over and over again, it is not about getting people here, it is about reminding people in their daily lives that God is with them, that God cares and that the Church has a place in this busy world.”

Added March 14, 2016

Service of Ordination

The ordination of the Rev. Christopher D’Angelo was celebrated at St. George’s on the Hill on Sunday, March 6th. Bishop Philip Poole presided, with the area assistant liturgical officer the Rev. Michelle Childs-Ward, as master of ceremonies. Photos by Edward Norfolk.

Chris Dangelo Ordination 1Chris Dangelo Ordination 3 Chris Dangelo Ordination 2

Added March 10, 2016

World Day of Prayer Service

The Rev. Gus Constantinides and the Rev. Hernan Astudillo at the World Day of Prayer Service at St. Michael and All Angels on Saturday March 5th. Photo by Edward Norfolk.

St Michael & All Angels World Day of Prayer Service

the Rev. Gus Constantinides & the Rev. Hernan Astudillo

Added March 10, 2016

Service of Ordination

On Saturday, February 20th, the Rev. Jonathan Turtle was ordained at St. Mary and St. Martha. Bishop Philip Poole presided, with the area liturgical officer the Rev. Canon Philip Hobson as master of ceremonies. Photos by Edward Norfolk.

J Turtle Ordination 1 J Turtle Ordination 4 J Turtle Ordination 2

Added March 10, 2016

Holy Spirit of Peace

Sunday, February 28th marked the Celebration of New Ministry for the Rev. Susan Climo and of the formal merger of Holy Spirit Anglican and Peace Lutheran as the Church of Holy Spirit of Peace. Photos by Michael Hudson.

The Rev. Susan Climo addresses the congregation.

The Rev. Susan Climo addresses the congregation.

A full church listens to the reading of the Gospel.

A full church listens to the reading of the Gospel.

Bishop Philip Poole and Bishop Michael Pryse of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada sign the agreement to merge Holy Spirit and Peace Lutheran in to Holy Spirit of Peace.

Bishop Philip Poole and Bishop Michael Pryse of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada sign the agreement to merge Holy Spirit and Peace Lutheran in to Holy Spirit of Peace.

Added March 10, 2016

“Ashes to GO”

At 6:30am on Ash Wednesday, the Rev. Jeff Hall (St. Luke, Dixie South) and the Rev. Mark Gladding (St. Margaret, New Toronto) were an Anglican presence at the Long Branch GO Station. They report that they were received well by commuters.  A number stopped for ashes and an equal number were curious and took the opportunity to ask questions. And many more greeted the priests with smiles and a ‘good morning.’ Who wouldn’t?!  Photo credit: Helena Koa.

the Rev. Jeff Hall & the Rev. Mark Gladding

Added February 12, 2016

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