Missional and Outreach Moments

At our Synod, members heard about how our Diocese is living out its vision in Missional and Outreach Moments. Missional Moments are about how communities in our Diocese are moving beyond their walls to find new ways of meeting people who are not being reached by traditional forms of church. Outreach Moments are about how our churches are reaching out to the poor, the marginalized, the homeless, and all those most vulnerable members of our society.

Adam Furfaro speaks at Diocesan Synod about the community missions ministry at St. John the Baptist, Oak Ridges.


The Rev. Sheilagh Ashworth shares the story of the Parish of Lloydtown’s country run in support of Pikangikum at Diocesan Synod.


Ginnie Wong speaks about St. John, Willowdale’s summer sports night.


The Rev. Michael Van Dusen of St. Aiden, Toronto shared the story of a canoe pilgrimage from Georgian Bay to Montreal.


The Rev. Samantha Caravan and Cormac Culkeen tell Diocesan Synod about the youth drop-in project at St. John, West Toronto.