Parking Arrangements at Synod

To expedite the purchase of parking vouchers at Synod a new procedure has been implemented. When entering the parking lot drivers will be asked if they are staying (“sleeping”) overnight at the Hotel:

If you are staying (“sleeping”) overnight at the Hotel

  • Members will be told to pay for parking at the front desk; you must inform the front desk that you have a vehicle and need to pay for your parking at check-in. Your parking voucher will be issued by staff at the front desk.

If you are not staying (“sleeping”) overnight at the Hotel

  • You will be required to pay $14.00 for parking as you enter the lot. In order to speed up the process, you are strongly encouraged to pay by CASH and to have exact change available as the process of giving change and the use of debit and credit will cause delays. To address any back-up onto Dixon Road, the parking manager may let some cars through without paying. In these cases, you will need to purchase your voucher when you leave. Again, it will move a lot faster if you pay with EXACT CHANGE.
  • Alternatively, the parking manager Unit Park may let members park without paying and then set up a desk inside the Plaza Foyer to sell parking vouchers. Announcements will be made at Synod informing members of times and a location if such a desk is set up or if you will need to pay upon leaving Synod.

There are two points of entry to the parking lot:

  • Dixon Rd. which will have two attendants on duty and
  • Kelfield St. which will have one attendant.

We hope this process will be more efficient and easier for our members.