Focus Areas: Stewardship of Resources

Our Diocese is blessed with resources, both human and financial, that support our missional work. We are accountable for these gifts and will use them boldly to respond to God’s mission. It is essential that these resources be managed in a way that aligns with our Vision, contributes to mission and supports vibrant sustainable ministry across our Anglican community. Sharing these resources generously and broadly is an act of faith, an expression of compassion and a mark of collaboration.

From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.
Luke 12:48

Together, we will be faithful stewards of our current resources and seek out new ones to support our Vision by:

  • Responsibly investing in programs, parishes and people.
  • Embracing the diversity of our communities at all organizational levels.
  • Increasing the awareness and understanding of available diocesan resources.
  • Pursuing different streams of revenue and sources of funding.
  • Developing effective management models for real estate and other assets.
  • Using technology to improve the availability of information and reduce costs.

We will achieve this by:

  • Strategically tracking, managing and leveraging real-estate assets to support the mission and future health of this Diocese.
  • Being an organization that attracts and retains the best clergy, lay leadership and staff.
  • Diversifying funding sources to support future needs and sustainability.

Property Working Group

  • Sandra Marki (Chair)
  • Bob Baird
  • George Lewis, ODT
  • Max Marechaux
  • The Rev. Stephen Shaw
  • Sharon Zagrodney
  • Staff: Rob Saffrey, David Badian

Clergy Remuneration Working Group

  • Suzanne Lawson, ODT (Chair)
  • The Very Rev. Andrew Asbil
  • Brian Armstrong, QC
  • The Rt. Rev. Peter Fenty
  • The Rev. Canon Janet Read-Hockin
  • Staff: Amy Talbert