Our Progress So Far

People across the diocese have been working to share and implement Growing in Christ since it launched in June 2016. Here’s what we’ve done so far:



  • Working groups have been created for each of the five Focus Areas. The working groups are made up of Diocesan Council members and volunteers from the parishes, and are supported by staff. Reporting to Diocesan Council, the working groups help to achieve the strategic initiatives of the Focus Areas. The working groups are chaired by the following:
  • An engagement survey was launched in January 2018 to collect feedback from Anglicans across the diocese. Resulting action plans, based on the survey, will be shared later in 2018.
  • Growing in Christ was the theme of the Synod in November 2017. Synod heard from representatives of the working groups talk about their progress. At the end of the presentation, Synod members were asked to sit quietly for a moment and then write down on a notepad what impressed or interested them about the plan, and what they would like to take back to their parishes to pursue further.  
  • Some parishes have used the plan to start discussions at their vestry meetings – for example, how to develop leaders or implement a culture of continuous improvement. Area Councils have also started using the plan for planning and discussion purposes.
  • Read the Executive Director’s update on the progress of the plan as of March 2018.