ALPHA Course

Time: Thursday, January 21 2021 7:00pm - Thursday, March 25 2021 8:30pm


Alpha is a series of interactive evenings exploring life, meaning, and relationships, in the context of the Christian faith. Millions of people world-wide have taken an Alpha course, including a million in Canada. Many have found it a life-enhancing experience.

The evenings include a really great video presentation followed by informal discussion in small break-out groups. The discussion provides an opportunity to reflect on the video in an atmosphere which is safe, honest, and friendly. Everybody is encouraged to voice their opinions.

The advantage of Alpha online (Zoom) is that you view it in the comfort of your own home, maybe over a cup of coffee or a snack! No need to brave the Canadian winter to travel somewhere. Nonetheless, Alpha online has the ability for people to make friends with others. Each session is 90 minutes in length. You can join on-line or by telephone.

St. Mary and St. Martha
1149 Weston Road, Toronto , ON