Clergy Toolbox

The Clergy Toolbox provides a roadmap to resources that help clergy meet their legal, canonical and policy obligations.

Constitution and Canons

The Constitution sets out the structure and rules of synod, while the Canons are the law of the Diocese, governing its life and discipline.

Liturgical Standards and Resources

This manual, which used to be known as Information for Clergy or Green Book, contains information about liturgy and worship, including baptism, marriage, eucharist, healing, funerals and general guidelines, and about episcopal matters and jurisdiction.

Parish Leaders' Manual

This handbook serves to familiarize new churchwardens and lay leaders with their roles and responsibilities, and also serves as a reference source to experienced churchwardens and incumbents.

Human Resources Manual

The Parish Human Resources Manual contains important information and policies for churchwardens as employer. The Manual has two sections, one regarding clergy and one regarding parish employees. The clergy section includes policies on remuneration, vacation, and leaves of absence.

Parish Finance Manual

The Parish Finance Manual provides information for parishes about the management of their financial affairs.

Fresh Start

The Fresh Start program is offered by the College of Bishops to clergy and congregations in transition and is part of the wellness initiative of the diocese. Fresh Start is a facilitated resource for new incumbents and their parishes.

Incumbent’s Annual Statistical Return

This document provides parochial statistics as well as the names of each congregation’s regular Synod representatives. It is completed annually by incumbents and sent directly to the Assistant Secretary of Synod.


Clergy may be eligible for a number of leaves of absence. This section contains information about the types of leaves, application process, and the impact on remuneration and synod status.


The Momentum program was created to provide professional development for the newly ordained in the context of a supportive peer environment. A two-year program in total, generally coincident with an assistant curacy, new clergy meet eight times a year, with alternating day-long and overnight retreats.


Clergy remuneration is determined by the Area Bishop in consultation with the parish churchwardens. This section provides information about the components of the remuneration package, policies pertaining to clergy remuneration, and the annual information memo.


This page contains the Policy on Marriage issued on May 31, 2020, by Bishop Andrew Asbil.


The Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith policy has been in effect since 2003. Clergy and churchwardens are jointly responsible for ensuring that their parish is in compliance with the policy. This section contains resources and templates to assist with compliance and good volunteer management practices.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

The Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy contains the procedures for complaints and the definitions of the policy.  This section of the website includes who to contact and training resources.

Clergy Wellness