Personal Records

The Archives take an individual’s privacy very seriously, and for that reason, certain restrictions must be placed on parish records. Balancing the need for privacy and the goal to facilitate research can only be achieved by co-operation with patrons and adherence to privacy legislation.

Individual records at the Archives are not indexed and so it is important to provide as much detail as possible. If you require a certified copy of your baptism or marriage record, please fill out the request form and note that there may be costs associated with records searches. Certified copies will not be issued until payment has been received. For more information, see the fee schedule.

Baptism Records

Baptisms after 1917 may be obtained by the person named on the record, by the parents, or if the person is deceased, by the next-of-kin or executor. Proof of this relationship may be required before the record can be made available.

From time to time, the parish priest, or the Archivist for the Diocese, is asked to make a change to the information in a baptism record and to issue an amended certificate. Only certain persons have the authority to request an amendment and certain conditions must be met for an amendment to be made and for an amended record to be issued. For details, see the Policy on Amendments to Baptismal Records and Issuance of Amended Baptismal Certificates.

Marriage Records

Marriages after 1938 may be obtained by the bride or groom, or by the children of their marriage. If either the bride or groom is deceased, the next-of-kin or executor may obtain the record. Proof of this relationship may be required before the record can be made available.

The archivist may grant or refuse access to records at his/her discretion. For more information, please see the Access Policy or contact archives staff.