Parish Leadership

This section provides the tools needed to manage the day-to-day operations of your church.

Each member of the parish leadership team – that is, Incumbents and Churchwardens – has stated duties and responsibilities. Nevertheless, the Canons are clear in their expectation that together Churchwardens and Incumbents form the core leadership for the parish. By implication, the Canons intend that leadership in our parishes should operate as collaboratively as possible.

This means that both Incumbents and Churchwardens should have equal access to the same resources. We have developed a manual called the Parish Leaders’ Manual intended for use by both Incumbents and Churchwardens.

Article for Board Directors and Churchwardens

Under our governance structure, the Churchwardens are a Corporation, and the office of Churchwarden functions as a legal entity or corporation. It is through the office of the Churchwardens that the congregation functions in the same way an ordinary corporation would. The responsibilities of this office are great because in the office of Churchwarden resides the legal authority of and responsibility for the congregation.

An article developed by the Canadian Council of Churches called The Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities of a Director is an excellent resource and serves as a reminder, not only to Board Directors but also to Churchwardens, of their important role in the life and ministry of the church.

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