Workshops for parish leaders

The next series of workshops will be held in the spring of 2021.

Q&A’s from the 2020 workshops

Read the Q&A’s from the workshops held in June 2020.

Who should attend?

All parish leaders (churchwardens, deputy churchwardens, parish administrators, treasurers, administrative staff, clergy) especially those new to their positions.


These two-hour workshops aim to meet the following objectives:
• review parish governance in key areas of knowledge,
• increase your understanding and overall comfort level to support you in your position,
• allow you to virtually meet key Diocesan staff,
• learn when and how you can access resources available to you, and
• answer any questions that you might have.

For more information, contact your Area Bishop’s Office.


These materials will help you in your role.


Human Resources
Parish Human Resource Manual
Human Resources Reference
Human Resources Presentation
LegalConnex:  an included benefit for Ecclesiastical policyholders
HRAssist:  a value-added, included benefit for Ecclesiastical policyholders
Professional Assist:  helping policyholders manage a healthy work environment

Real Property Management
Parish Property Management Guide
Real Property Management Reference
Real Property Management Presentation

Insurance Reference
Insurance Presentation

Parish Finance
Parish Finance Manual
Parish Finance Reference
Parish Finance Presentation

Other Resources
Parish Leaders’ Manual
The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese
Diocesan Centre Staff Directory
Diocesan Staff Organizational Chart
Diocesan Centre Organizational Chart
Acknowledgement Form for Churchwardens

We want these resources to be as useful as possible. If you find that anything is unclear, incomplete, or would like to suggest an additional resource, please email Pamela Boisvert.