The workshop materials will be posted on this page as they are finalized and will be complete no later than Friday, March 13, 2020. Please note that hardcopies will not be available at the Workshop. Participants should bring copies of whatever reference documents they wish to have on hand. A copy of each Presenter’s slides will be shown on an overhead projector. Please contact your Area Bishop’s Office for assistance if you are not able to access your own hardcopies.

Workshop Agenda

Parish Finance
Parish Finance Reference
Parish Finance Presentation

Real Property Management
Parish Property Management Guide
Real Property Management Reference
Real Property Management Presentation
Canon 6 Flowchart
Canon 6 Revised Approvals Procedure
Red Checklist and Attestation
Yellow Checklist and Attestation
Green Checklist and Attestation

Insurance Reference
Insurance Presentation

Human Resources
Human Resources Reference
Human Resources Presentation
LegalConnex:  An included benefit for Ecclesiastical policyholders
HRAssist:  A value-added, included benefit for Ecclesiastical policyholders
Professional Assist:  Helping policyholders manage a healthy work environment

Other Resources
Parish Leaders’ Manual
The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese
Diocesan Centre Staff Directory
Diocesan Staff Organizational Chart
Diocesan Centre Organizational Chart