Consolidated Trust Fund

Churches in the Diocese are free to set their own investment policies and make their own investment decisions. Many churches do not have the expertise to invest in anything more than guaranteed investment certificates and government bonds. Or, some churches may not feel that they have sufficient funds to invest in anything more complicated than GICs because of the transaction costs associated with buying, selling and managing a diversified portfolio.

To help parishes that wish to invest, the Diocese has created a Consolidated Trust Fund (CTF) that parishes may participate in with no transactions costs.

Foyston, Gordon and Payne; Letko Brosseau and Associates Inc. and Scotia Asset Management manage a balanced fund. Churches wishing to participate buy units in the fund.

The fund is managed based on investment principles and guidelines contained in the Investment Policy Statement established by the Investment Committee of the Diocese of Toronto and approved by the Diocesan Council.

Please note that the CTF Dividend Distribution rate for 2017 is 4.25% or $9.20/unit.

For more information, contact the Lilian Qian, Treasurer and Director of Finance, at 416-363-6021, ext. 238 (1-800-668-8932).