Treasurers’ Information

This section gives an overview of some specific provisions that govern the financial management of the church by providing information to churchwardens and treasurers on policies and procedures.

Parish Finance Manual

The Parish Finance Manual provides up-to-date guidelines and policies for parishes in order to strengthen both their internal and external procedures. The information and instructions in the manual are meant to increase effectiveness, efficiency and promote reliability in financial reporting. Information is also available on other aspects of financial management, including the filing of government forms.


Canon 39 covers the regulations governing Diocesan Investments.

The Consolidated Trust Fund

The purpose of the Consolidated Trust Fund is to help Anglican churches within the Diocese invest their money with no transaction costs. Management of the fund is based on investment principles and guidelines contained in the Investment Policy Statement established by the Investment Committee of the Diocese of Toronto and approved by Diocesan Council.

The Consolidated Cemetery Fund

The Consolidated Cemetery Fund invests on behalf of parishes with cemeteries, and includes Care & Maintenance Funds, Monument Funds and Pre-need Funds.

Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement outlines objectives, guidelines and expectations for the investment of all assets set forth by the Investment Committee and approved by Diocesan Council. It consists of detailed information on the Consolidated Trust Fund and the Cemetery Fund.

Gifts of Marketable Securities

To make a gift of marketable securities, please download a “letter of direction”.

For more information, contact Lilian Qian, Treasurer and Director of Finance, at 416-363-6021 ext. 238 (1-800-668-8932).