Do I have to use the Application Form?
Yes, all applications must be submitted using the designated Application Form. Please ensure you have answered ALL questions completely and that you include ALL required documentation.

When are the application deadlines?
Fall applications must be submitted to the Diocesan Centre on or before September 15th each year and Spring applications must be submitted on or before April 15th each year.

When will we find out if our application was successful?
The Secretary of Synod will notify all applicants immediately following the Diocesan Council meeting in which the applications were considered (May or October depending on the cycle.)

Will our parish team need to make a presentation to the Committee and/or Diocesan Council?
No. The Committee will reply upon the Application Form to make its decision. For this reason, ensure that your application contains concise answers to the questions.

Is it possible to meet with a Committee member to get advice and/or comments on my application?
No. Committee members do not meet with parishes about their applications.

Our grant has been approved, how do we get our money?
The Incumbent (or Priest-in-Charge) and Churchwardens need to provide a signed copy of the Grant Acceptance Form addressed to the Director of Finance.  Send the signed Grant Acceptance Form to Arleane Ralph.

Our grant was approved last year and we are now ready for a second installment. What do we need to do?
The Incumbent (or Priest-in-Charge) and Churchwardens need to provide a letter addressed to the Director of Finance requesting the release of funds along with an overall project update including financials.  Send the signed letter and attachments to Arleane Ralph.

Is it true that we are not able to apply for a grant if we are in arrears to the Diocese?
As a general rule, this is true for all grants including OFOH grants. It’s about ensuring strong financial management is in place. There is nothing in writing that states a parish cannot make an application for an OFOH grant; however, this is something that the Committee will look at during their deliberations.

Is it possible for my parish to make an application for a grant that is greater than our parish’s contribution to the campaign?
The Committee will look at your parish’s participation in the campaign. One of the questions asked on the Application Form is to describe your participation in the Our Faith-Our Hope Campaign.

If I get a grant, do I have to pay taxes?
Individuals receiving OFOH grants will be issued T4As.

Can I use the grant money to complete another initiative or project?
No, grant money must be used for the purposes in which they were given.


For more information, please contact Pamela Boisvert, Secretary of Synod, 416-363-6021 ext. 231 (1-800-668-8932).