Professional Development FAQs

Where do I get application forms for the Continuing Education Plan?
You can access money from the Continuing Education Plan by completing the  Application for Reimbursement Form and attaching the applicable receipts.

Send the completed form to the Diocesan C.E.P. Administrator at 135 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, ON M5C1L8, email:, or fax: 416-363-7678.  (Please note that in the Diocese of Toronto, the C.E.P. Administrator is Aneita Chang.)

The Diocesan C.E.P. Administrator will ensure that your form is signed by the Area Bishop and sent to the National Church Pension Office.

Where do I get application forms for the Professional Development Grant?
You can access a Professional Development Grant by completing the application form (Word document or PDF document) and sending it to the Human Resources Department, Amy Talbert at 135  Adelaide St. E., Toronto, ON M5C 1L8.

Where can I obtain advice and help with this process?
For questions about how much money is in your Continuing Education Plan account, or what items are eligible for reimbursement, please contact Iyona Francis at the National Pension Office 416-960-2484 ext. 203.

When does the committee grant (or disburse) funds?
The schedule for review and approval of grant applications is as follows:

Application Received Committee Meeting Notification of Decision
February 15th March March 31st
May 15th June June 30th
September 15th October October 31st
November 15th December December 24th

How does the PD Committee support multi-year programs, i.e. Doctoral studies?
The PD Committee fully endorses individuals pursuing multi-year Advanced Degree programs.  However, because the level of funding available for PD grants is received from various sources and varies from year to year, the PD Committee isunable to guarantee multi-year funding.  Accordingly, applications for financial assistance for multi-year programs must be submitted at least annually.  In the experience of the Committee, multi-year programs often change in both approach and objectives, and therfore require ongoing review.