Clergy Application Resource

In an effort to make the parish interview process more effective for you and the Parish Selection Committee members, the Diocese has developed a Clergy Application Resource guide. This step-by-step guide to the clergy job application process will help you understand the recruitment process and give you a better idea of when you are likely to hear from the Area Bishop and what to expect next.

The Clergy Application Resource guide includes information on the appointment process, resume preparation, the applicant list, types of interviews, the parish selection committee visit and offer of appointment.

It also includes a sample resume format. It is important that a resume be as accurate as possible and reflect the true nature of the person it is describing. In this way, parishes can make better choices, and you may have clearer discernment of God’s call. Start by filling out the simpler sections such as “Events, Programs, Special Projects…” and end with “Ministry Style.”

Here are a few things to consider before you start:

  • Resumes should be easy to read, so avoid fancy fonts, elaborate graphic design and coloured paper.
  • Pages might be separated, so make sure each sheet of the resume has your name and the date on it.
  • Humility is an important Christian virtue, but don’t hide your light under a bushel.
  • State your gifts and objectives clearly, because that’s what the interviewers are expecting.

We hope this method is positive for you and that the resume you design serves as a helpful tool in the parish selection process.

You may also wish to use the list and explanation of core values for parish ministry that has been developed.