Employment Agreements

Every work arrangement should be in writing. The onus is on the employer to state expectations clearly. Employment Agreements should include a list of duties and responsibilities, a list of work conditions and a termination clause.

An Employment Agreement is used for employees of the parish. Employees:

  • Earn an employment income
  • Work as an integral part of the organization
  • Take ongoing direction from a parish supervisor
  • Are on the parish payroll
  • Have statutory deductions taken from pay

Term (sometimes called fixed-term or contract) employees are treated the same as employees, but work for a defined period, normally no more than 2 years.

To help you determine if the person you are hiring is an Employee or a Contractor please read Employee vs. Contractor.

The Diocese has put together sample Employment Agreements for you to review and modify as appropriate to your parish setting, and includes instructions for use. They are for:

There are also sample job descriptions for employment and sample ministry descriptions as part of the resources developed for the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program.