Interview Guide

The following is a list for consideration as you begin the process of selecting a new employee. We advise that you complete all steps so that your choice of candidate will be an informed one.

Writing a job description

This is one of the most important steps in the process so that your expectations of the position are clearly defined. This step will also assist you with the creation of an ad for a written publication or an online resource. To help with the writing of a job description please see the Sample Employment Agreements, or one of the Ministry Descriptions created for the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program. There is also more information available on the Sample Job Descriptions page.

Where to post for possible candidates

If you decide to advertise you need to consider your most cost-effective methods. You may wish to advertise in your local paper or on the National Church website. You may also find Charity Village of assistance.

Interview questions

Having consistent interview questions will help you to evaluate each candidate on the same basis.  Writing the questions out will help you to articulate your hiring needs.  A list of sample interview questions have been developed as part of the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program.

The Human Rights Code

A guide has been published by the Human Rights Commission that outlines what you can and cannot ask a candidate for employment.

Reference Checks

Reference Checks should confirm what you have already learned about a candidate and can help fill in any missing gaps of information.  It is an important step to ensure that the candidate you are hiring has represented themselves accurately and will fit with the culture of your parish.  Sample reference questions have been developed as part of the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program.  Completing references is a requirement of the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith policy.

Employee vs. Contract Worker

It is important to determine if you are hiring an employee or if you need to seek the services of an independent contractor.  Please see the Employee vs. Contractor page for more information.

Making an offer

After you have chosen the candidate you will need to create a employment agreement or contract. This outlines the terms and expectations of the working relationship and protects both the individual and the parish.

Ongoing Performance Appraisals

By regularly reviewing performance, you let the employee know what is working well, what has been accomplished, and where there is room for improvement.  It is also the time to review the expectations of the working relationship.  The Incumbent and Parish Staff document includes a sample performance appraisal.