Reference Checks

Reference checks should confirm what you’ve already learned about a candidate and can help fill in any missing information gaps. It’s an important step to make sure the candidate you’re hiring has represented themselves accurately and will fit with the culture of your parish. It is also a requirement of the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith policy.

To help you with Reference Checks, the Diocese has developed a template. You may modify this template as necessary, but when contacting a candidate’s references you can’t ask for any information that the Human Rights Code forbids during an interview. The Ontario Human Rights Commission produces a helpful document called Human Rights at Work, which includes a section on Interviewing and Making Hiring Decisions.

The information you’re seeking should be related to the candidate’s ability to do the job. Start by identifying yourself and the organization you belong to. Ask if this is a good time for this conversation. Indicate the tasks and responsibilities required in the position for which you are hiring.