Canon 6(7) governs the ownership of rectories and any alterations or repairs.

You can consult these resources to learn more about buying and maintaining a rectory:

  1. Rectory Policy: identifies the criteria required when either buying or building a new rectory
  2. Policy for Rectory Maintenance: outlines the importance of proper maintenance practices, including regular inspection requirements

Carleton Fund

The Carleton Fund, administered by the Trusts Committee, gives grants to help parishes with maintenance of clergy-occupied rectories. For more information, including application forms and procedures, visit the Grants and Funding page.

Buying or selling a rectory

The same process apply for rectories as for buying and selling any church property. You should also read through the Guidelines Re: the Sale of Rectories and the Use of Funds Therefrom.


For more information, contact Wendy Pearson, Property Resources Specialist, at 416-363-6021, ext. 245 (1-800-668-8932).