License Agreement

The License Agreement must be used for all recurring rentals of church space (such as, Boy Scouts, Book Clubs, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, etc.). Please complete all areas in this agreement.

Please see the Summary Chart for detailed requirements.

Low Risk Licensees: (eg. Alcoholics  Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Book Clubs, Parking space rentals etc.)

  1. The new Simplified Canon 6 Procedure applies.
  2. Complete all due diligence items on the Red Checklist
  3. Email a fully completed & signed checklist to
  4. Once a fully completed & signed Checklist is submitted, parishes may proceed to sign the License Agreement and allow occupancy. Checklists are reported quarterly to the Trusts Committee & Diocesan Council.
  5. Renewals must follow the above process.

Parking Space Rentals: Please see the following page for specific License Agreements that must be used. The new Simplified Canon 6 Procedure applies for all parking space/lot rentals.

High Risk Licensees (eg. minors, vulnerable adults, other faith communities, registered psychotherapy, dog obedience classes etc.):

  1. The full Canon 6 process applies for all new & renewal Agreements. There is no change to this process.
  2. For NEW High-Risk License Agreements:
    –  Send a request to your Area Bishop’s office for a “Letter of Support”, including an UNSIGNED copy of the License Agreement along with a copy of the Licensee’s Certificate of Insurance. Please also include the Property Resources Department with this request.
  3. For RENEWALS:
    –  Send an UNSIGNED copy of the License Agreement along with a copy of the Licensee’s Certificate of Insurance to the Property Resources Department.

Psychotherapy License Agreements:

1.  Psychotherapy (CRPO designation)

2.  Psychotherapy (OCSWSSW designation)

One-time events

These agreements must be received by the Property Resources Department by 12:00 pm at least two (2) weeks in advance of the next scheduled monthly meeting date of the Trusts Committee.

Mandatory Insurance:  Please see the following Summary Chart.