Parish Workshop Kit

The Incumbent and Churchwardens should take the time to review the Parish Training Kit for the Sexual Misconduct Policy. Read the Planner’s notes and choose a Planner and a Leader. Please note that the materials in this kit were last updated November 2013. As you go through the kit you will find the:

Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy (also available split into the Policy and Procedures)

The kit is a result of recommendations made by the clergy at workshops on the Sexual Misconduct Policy held in October 1999. Much consultation and work has gone into its development. An evaluation form has been included, and your comments would be appreciated as we move forward with our Sexual Misconduct Policy Training tools.

You may also find the following resources to be helpful tools in preparing for your parish workshop.

The training videos are also a valuable tool for Parish Sexual Misconduct Policy workshops, especially if you do not have an experienced trainer in your parish.