Reimagining Church: Shaped for Mission course

Everything changes: our culture, our neighbourhoods, our families, ourselves.

How should we respond to change? And what is the future of the church?

These days local parishes are encouraged to become ‘missional’ – but what does that mean?

Is your church struggling with these questions? The Re-imagining Church course may help your parish understand what is happening and give you some ideas as to what you might do in the face of changing times.

This five-week course seeks to help us re-imagine what church could be. The first three sessions look at changes in our culture; the spiritual resources the church has to respond to the challenges; and what it means these days to be a “Christian.” Then participants explore some of the ways churches are already changing and adapting in order to be more effective. Finally, we consider what this might mean in our own situations – where do we go from here?

Re-imagining Church runs for about two hours and involves group discussion, engaging video clips, scripture study and prayerful reflection. Host churches provide refreshments.

Reimagining Church: shaped for mission is a Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism resource ©2012