Stretch Grants: The Next Generation

Following on the success of our Reach Grant process, a need has arisen. That need is to continue encouraging successful missional ideas; to continue to water these ministry seedlings and build capability and confidence for further mission.

New forms of church – missional ideas – follow a common methodology: they begin with missional listening and contextual awareness then moving to loving and serving activity which forms Christ-centred community. This is where an exploration of discipleship can happen which allows church to take shape. This is a virtuous circle where the activity is meant to continue. Successful mission is where this circle revolves over and again.

This is precisely what has happened with some of our Reach Grant projects. Some have the potential to continue beyond the first revolution and are ideas that may mature and provide more stable points of contact for the un-churched and de-churched with the traditional church. However, ideas that were launched with seed money from Reach Grants may need some more to continue to explore their path to maturity.

Stretch Grants are one-time grants of $5,000-$20,000 designed to be a continuance grant for a successful Reach grant ministry.

The following criteria are used to determine whether a Stretch Grant might be offered:

  • That the monies would only be available as second-stage funding once a successful outcome to a Reach Grant disbursement has been demonstrated ie: Christ-centred community reaching the de-churched or un-churched has been accomplished.
  • That the monies would only be available once a thorough report about what has worked in the initial plan and what has not, has been made to the Allocations committee so that this information can be harvested to help other missional ideas flourish.
  • That a limited proportion of the funds can be directed toward supporting personnel for ministry, up to, but not exceeding 50% of the total grant.

Applications may be submitted to at any time. The next deadline for submissions is Monday, March 31, 2020. No pitches are required as this is a paper-review process. The allocations Committee will meet on April 24th, 2020. Note that you will be eligible to apply if you have already submitted a Reach Grant Report for your initial project.

Elizabeth McCaffrey, Volunteer Resources Coordinator, can answer any questions at 416-363-6021, ext. 226 or by email at