Housing and Homelessness

Housing Matters Campaign – November 2020

In preparation for National Housing Day on November 22, the Social Justice & Advocacy Committee have prepared a toolkit for parishes to use to call on the provincial and municipal governments for immediate measures to prevent evictions and support people experiencing homelessness.

Help for tenants at risk of eviction:

Recent changes to the Landlord and Tenant Act have given landlords more power to evict tenants for falling behind on their rent, putting even more people at risk of homelessness. If you are a tenant, or work with tenants who have fallen behind on rent since March 17, 2020, please contact a tenants’ advocacy organization to be aware of your rights and obligations in light of this new information.  Here are some that may be able to help:

Links to resources for further reading:

Diocesan Policy Paper on Affordable Housing and Homelessness, 2019

This policy paper contains background information on the reality of housing need within our Diocese and how Anglicans are responding to the need, and sets out our diocesan principles and plans for advocacy. (Received by Diocesan Council January 26, 2019.)

Housing and Homelessness – General Information:

Anglicans and other Christians speak out on housing need in Canada: