Proportionate Giving

Regarding the stewardship of treasure, average giving in the Diocese is around 1.5% of household income. This translates to about $1,509 annually. Comparatively speaking, Anglican giving is the lowest among Protestant denominations. Perceptions vary as to why Anglican giving is so low; chief among these is that many Anglicans believe their current level of giving is adequate and that no standard for giving has been identified.

The solution then is to create a correct understanding of our relationship with God in terms of our material possessions. We need to present the scriptural basis for giving so that Anglicans come to understand that giving is part of what we are called to do as Christians.

Success for our parishes means moving to a model of proportional giving where 2% or more of family income per year becomes the standard. A base level of 2% would mean financial freedom for most of our parishes — opening the door to vibrant ministry opportunities and alleviating the constant stress of many clergy that there are inadequate funds available to cover operating expenses.


For more information, please contact Peter Misiaszek, Director of Stewardship Development, 416-363-6021 ext. 246 (1-800-668-8932).