BYMC Chair


Hello!  My name is Jillian Ruch. I am so excited to have recently taken over the position of the Chair of the BYMC.  I have taken on this responsibility along with being a area coordinator for York-Scarborough. I have enjoyed being a coordinator for three years and I continue to look forward to meeting all our youth leaders as we journey together in youth ministry. I am passionate about all things related to youth and those who work to better their lives. I have been working with youth in one way or another for almost 18 years.

The youth in our Diocese have so many different needs and through our work together, I look forward to building networks of youth engaging with God  intentionally and meaningfully. My work as the area coordinator is twofold: to provide youth leaders with the support and resources they need & to plan events for youth in the area. My work as the chair of the committee is to bring together those working with youth in moving youth ministry forward in the Diocese and in our communities.

I would be very interested in connecting with you and in turn, networking together with others in our Diocese so we can continue to grow in faith and camaraderie within youth ministry and the larger church. Please contact me at either the email address or on our Facebook page (click the links below).

Finally, if you are a young person looking for a youth program to connect with, please also email me and I will put you in touch with the youth leader in your neighbourhood.

With Many Blessings,


Looking for other youth events in the diocese? Visit our online Calendar of Events and search under Youth.