Conference Workshops & Registration

How To Register:

  1. Read the descriptions of the Outreach Conference workshops below. Pick a morning and afternoon workshop.
  2. Visit the registration page and register. If you are paying online, have your credit card handy. NOTE: You do not need to enter a “Promo Code” unless you are a workshop facilitator.
  3. If you choose to pay by cheque, please make your cheque out to “Diocese of Toronto” and mail it to the following address:

Diocese of Toronto
135 Adelaide St. E.
Toronto ON M5C 1L8
Attention: Elin Goulden

Morning Workshops:

Intersectionality 101 and Unpacking Your Privilege

This introductory workshop will give participants a very general sense of what intersectionality is, what privilege is, and how to unpack your privilege(s) while recognizing oppressions in your workplaces, social movements, the mainstream media and more.  We will look at articles from websites, news articles, images and videos to illustrate the various points, how they connect and how they diverge. Ideally, participants will leave the workshop with ideas about where their ongoing learning needs to lead.

Facilitator: May Lui, M.Ed. is a mixed race cis-woman who is a writer, educator and consultant. She has a Master’s degree from University of Toronto/OISE in Adult Education with a specialty in intersectional, anti-colonialism and anti-racism education. May has worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years as a front-line worker, manager, Executive Director, volunteer and board member. She is a feminist, anti-racist activist, and general troublemaker for social justice.


Building Interfaith Friendships: grounded in justice and engaged in the community

The Rev. Gary van der Meer and Imam Ilyas Ally recount the growing friendship between their faith communities, which are located near each other in the Bloor-Dufferin area of Toronto. Their friendship has grown from informal conversations between colleagues to interfaith learning events, joint sponsorship of a refugee family, and a Ring of Peace around the mosque following the Quebec City attack on a mosque earlier this year.

Facilitators: The Rev. Gary Van der Meer is Incumbent of St. Anne’s Church in Toronto, a church that focuses on local community involvement and leadership in neighbourhood relationship building. Imam Ilyas Ally is Assisting Imam of the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre.


Climate Justice in Action: Creation Care, Indigenous Allyship, and Energy Policy

In this hands-on, action-oriented creation care workshop, participants will explore Christian responses to the global climate crisis. Together we will contemplate the intersections between (1) Canada’s climate commitment and energy policy, (2) Indigenous allyship and supporting workers, and (3) local action and political engagement. Questions will include: How does my faith inform my response to climate change? How can I support the rights of Indigenous peoples? What are the risks of “staying the course” – or, of pursuing a dramatically different way forward? How can we best contribute to the well-being of God’s Earth, and all its inhabitants?

Facilitator: Karri Munn-Venn is Senior Policy Analyst for Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy.  The co-editor of Living Ecological Justice and coordinator CPJ’s annual faith-in-action Lenten campaign, “Give it up for the Earth!”, Karri leads CPJ’s climate justice work. She can often be found engaging political leaders and church folks on the Christian imperative to care for creation.


Young Sounds: Youth Perspectives on Justice and Advocacy

Join us for a dynamic and open conversation about social justice from the perspective of some young people in our community. Many people think about young people as “the future” – this workshop will challenge that notion by providing examples of how young people are enacting change in the present. This workshop will be facilitated by youth and young adults who will share their hopes and ideas for making our world a better place.

Facilitator: Cormac Culkeen is the Director of Youth Ministries at Saint John’s West Toronto. They are joined by youth co-facilitators from the Junction-High Park neighbourhood of Toronto.


Afternoon Workshops:

Dismantling Racism in the Parish

This workshop examines how church and society struggle with racism. Brother Reg will define both racism and anti-racism, and connect anti-racism to Scripture. The workshop will explore how engaging in anti-racism work on the parish level connects us to God’s Mission for the world, and encourage participants to reflect on their own experiences, perceptions, and beliefs about race and race relations. It is hoped that participants will gain insight into their own beliefs and those of others, and come to new understandings of the issues and complexities surrounding racism.

Facilitator: Br. Reginald-Martin Crenshaw is a member of the Order of the Holy Cross and an associate at St. Paul, Rexdale in Toronto. He brings deep experience and practical skill to conflict management situations and diversity education and is grateful to work and live in parish ministry, where he finds his true joy.


Becoming the Body of Christ: Accessibility, Vulnerability, and Solidarity among Believers of Diverse Abilities

This workshop will explore some of the theological and practical aspects of a sacramental ecclesiology of disability: how baptism and Holy Communion can help Christians with and without disabilities to create accessible, just, and loving church-communities. I’ll focus that sacramental lens on the contours of physical, intellectual, affective, and spiritual access to divine justice for believers of diverse abilities, and explain how the transformed perception that makes that access possible lends itself to covenantal relationships. Fair warning: this workshop will be highly participatory.

Facilitator: Mike Walker is a doctoral candidate at the Toronto School of Theology, who recently submitted his dissertation on baptism, Holy Communion, community, and people with disabilities. He worships at the Jeremiah Community, an intentional community in Parkdale. Aside from his communications role in Our Doors are Open at OCAD University’s Inclusive Design Research Centre, Mike is the co-author of the Student Christian Movement’s Disability, Faith, and Justice Devotional (2016), and of Contours of Eternity, a book of poetry (2013). In his spare time, Mike is an avid reader, a poet, and a lover of good music.


Barriers to Housing in a Diverse City

Discrimination is prevalent in Toronto’s rental housing market, and this presentation will highlight how discriminatory barriers impact racialized and marginalized renters. You will also learn about the legal protections that are in place to protect tenants from discrimination, and about the work our organization does to promote inclusion in housing across Ontario.

Facilitator: Katie Plaizier, Project Manager with the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA), grew up in social housing, and sees housing as central to how cities operate. She has a Master’s in urban planning from the University of Toronto, where she focused on housing, homelessness, and the right to the city. In addition to supporting CERA’s direct client services, she oversees responsive community education and outreach initiatives to promote human rights in housing.


Next Steps in Reconciliation: The Work of the Anglican Healing Fund

For 25 years, the Anglican Healing Fund has financially supported local, community-led healing projects. As a response to the ongoing legacy of the residential school system, grants from the healing fund are made to encourage community-led initiatives that help heal, educate, and recover language and culture. Learn how the Fund has been helping Indigenous communities to find healing, what challenges it faces, and what hope lies ahead for reconciliation.

Facilitator: Esther Wesley has served as the coordinator for the Anglican Fund for Healing and Reconciliation since 2001. She is also an experienced facilitator of the KAIROS Blanket Exercise and anti-racism workshops.