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Advocacy Resources

Get started with our Social Justice and Advocacy Parish Outreach Guide (updated Nov. 2021)

Diocesan policy papers

Working with politicians

Tips for working with politicians
Practical advice about visits, letter-writing and other ways to build relationships with elected officials.

Template for a letter to a politician

Other resources

A Theology of Taxation reflection paper
Reflects on how our Christian faith can inform our thinking about taxes and taxation rates.


These are examples of workshops the Social Justice and Advocacy Committee can offer your parish. We can also work with you to tailor a workshop to your specific needs. Host parishes are asked only to provide a space, advertising within the parish and light refreshments.

Charity with Justice workshop

A dynamic, engaging, and free workshop offered by the Social Justice and Advocacy Department, Charity with Justice looks at how we can embody the biblical principles of charity and justice in our lives today, how parishes can engage in justice alongside their charitable outreach, and how the Diocese can support your work. It involves audience participation and small group discussion.

Advocacy workshop

This workshop is designed for parish groups to learn about the basics of advocacy. You can contact us for a facilitated workshop, or use the outline provided below for a self-guided workshop.

Tools for Advocacy workshop outline (PDF)

To learn more or to book a workshop,  contact Elin Goulden at or 416-363-6021, ext. 240 (1-800-668-8932).

Elin is also available to visit your parish as a guest preacher/speaker for Sunday mornings.