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Committee Members

The following is a list of members of Diocesan Council, its committees and committees of Synod. For more information, contact Pamela Boisvert, Secretary of Synod, at 416-363-6021, ext. 231 (1-800-668-8932).

Diocesan Council

The membership of this Council is determined by Canon 2.

  • The Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil, Bishop of Toronto (Chair)
  • Chris Ambidge, ODT, Elected Area Representative
  • Canon Brian Armstrong, ODT, Bishop’s Appointee
  • Mario Bartolozzi, Elected Area Representative
  • Canon Paul Baston, Registrar
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Eric Beresford, Elected Area Representative
  • Canon Clare Burns, Chancellor
  • The Rev. Andrea Christensen, Area Council Representative
  • Enid Corbett, ODT, President of the ACW
  • Peter Davidson, ODT, Bishop’s Appointee
  • Blake Goldring, ODT, Bishop’s Appointee
  • Leslie Hajdu, ODT, Elected Area Representative
  • The Rev. Karen Hatch, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Rev. Theadore Hunt, Bishop’s Appointee
  • Finn Keesmaat-Walsh, Bishop’s Appointee
  • Suzanne Lawson, ODT, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Rev. Leonard Leader, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd, Area Council Representative
  • The Rev. Andrew MacDonald, Honorary Secretary
  • Heather McGregor, ODT, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Rev. Matthew McMillan, Elected Area Representative
  • Peter Newell, Honorary Secretary
  • The Rev. Lisa Newland, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Rev. Jesse Parker, Bishop’s Appointee
  • Sandy Richmond, ODT, Elected Area Representative
  • The Rt. Rev. Kevin Robertson, Area Bishop
  • Sr. Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas, SSJD, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw, Area Bishop
  • Major The Rev. Canon Brad Smith, Elected Area Representative
  • John Spragge, Elected Area Representative
  • The Rev. Michael Stuchbery, Area Council Representative
  • The Rev. Dr. Monique Taylor, Elected Area Representative
  • Dave Toycen, ODT, Bishop’s Appointee
  • The Very Rev. Stephen Vail, Dean of Toronto
  • Laura Walton, ODT, Elected Area Representative
  • The Rev. Kevin Wong, Bishop’s Appointee

Executive Board of Diocesan Council

  • The Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil (Chair)
  • Chris Ambidge, ODT, appointed
  • Mario Bartolozzi, elected
  • Peter Davidson, ODT, appointed
  • The Rev. Leonard Leader, appointed
  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd, elected
  • Heather McGregor, ODT, elected
  • The Rev. Lisa Newland, appointed
  • The Rev. Jesse Parker, appointed
  • Sandy Richmond, ODT, elected
  • David Toycen, ODT, elected
  • The Rev. Kevin Wong, appointed

Committees of Diocesan Council

Audit Committee

  • Don Gillespie, CA (Chair) [York-Simcoe]
  • R. Paul Singleton, FCA [York-Scarborough]
  • Anne Todd, CMA [York-Credit Valley]
  • Susan Tremayne-Moon, CPA CA [Trent-Durham]

Nominating Committee

  • Kennedy Marshall, ODT (Chair) [York-Credit Valley]
  • The Rev. Dr. Alison Falby [York-Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Robert Hurkmans [York-Credit Valley]
  • Nadia Murray [York-Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Dr. Michael Peterson [York-Simcoe]
  • The Rev. Frank Tyrell [Trent-Durham]
  • Val Whalley [Trent-Durham]

Trusts Committee

  • Canon Clare E. Burns, BA, LLB, LLM, Chancellor (Chair) [York-Scarborough]
  • Canon Brian Armstrong, QC, ODT Vice-Chancellor [York-Simcoe]
  • Canon Paul Baston, BA, LLB, Registrar & Vice-Chancellor [York-Credit Valley]
  • The Rev. Canon Joan Cavanaugh-Clark [Trent-Durham]
  • Wayne McLeod [York-Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Canon Cheryl Palmer [York-Scarborough]
  • Peter Patterson, ODT [York-Credit Valley]
  • The Rev. Mark Regis [York-Credit Valley]
  • Gail Smith [York-Scarborough]

Committees of Executive Board

Parish Finance Advisory Committee

  • Leslie Hajdu, ODT [Trent-Durham]
  • Yvonne Murray [York-Scarborough]
  • Stephen Rodaway, ODT [York-Simcoe]
  • Vacancy [York-Credit Valley]

Project Review Committee

Three people from the following pool of professionals are called to serve on the ad-hoc Committee when required.

  • Paul Backewich [Architect]
  • Roberto Chiotti [Architect]
  • Rick Gosine [Builder]
  • Paul Hancock [Accounting/Finance]
  • Stuart Hutcheson, ODT [Accounting/Finance]
  • Ian Jones [Builder]
  • Phillip Jones [Architect]
  • Alice Liang [Architect]
  • Scott McIvor [Builder]
  • Terry Montgomery [Architect]
  • Robert Saunders, ODT [Heritage]
  • Mark Tomjenovic [Builder]
  • Peter Tovell, ODT [Architect]

Committees of Synod

Agenda Committee

  • Peter Newell (Chair) [Honorary Lay Secretary]
  • Adam Furfaro [York-Simcoe]
  • Jean Glionna, ODT (Resource Member) [York Simcoe]
  • Leslie Hajdu, ODT [Trent Durham]
  • The Rev. Andrew MacDonald [Honorary Clerical Secretary]
  • The Rev. Lisa Newland [York-Simcoe]
  • Sheila Robson [Assistant Honorary Lay Secretary

Constitution and Canons Committee

  • Canon Clare E. Burns, LLB, LLM, Chancellor (Chair), [York-Scarborough]
  • Canon Brian Armstrong, QC, ODT, Vice Chancellor [York-Simcoe]
  • Canon Paul Baston, LLB, Registrar & Vice Chancellor [York-Credit Valley]
  • John van Gent, LLB [York-Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Susan Haig [York-Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd [Trent-Durham]
  • Dave Toycen, ODT [York-Credit Valley]

Investment Committee

  • David MacNicol (Chair) [York Scarborough]
  • Graham Beck [York-Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Eric Beresford [York Scarborough]
  • The Rev. Ian LaFleur [York-Simcoe]
  • Kennedy Marshall, ODT [York-Scarborough]
  • Stephen Rodaway, ODT [York Credit Valley]
  • Julian Scarfe [York-Scarborough]
  • Peter Stanley [York Scarborough]

Other bodies

Synod is responsible for appointing various bodies. They include:

York Rectory Commissioners and Committee on Etobicoke Glebe

The following Commissioners were appointed by Synod for the distribution of the First York Rectory Fund and the Etobicoke Glebe for 2020 and 2021:

  • Canon Clare Burns, Chancellor
  • Joy Packham, ODT
  • Vacancy

Advisory Commission on Termination of Clerical Appointment

The following people were elected by Synod for 2020 and 2021:

  • Canon Brian Armstrong, QC, ODT
  • The Rev. Canon Joan Cavanaugh-Clark
  • Kennedy Marshall, ODT

Court on Contested Seats

In November 2019, Synod was informed that in accordance with Section 7 of The Constitution, the Bishop has appointed the following members of Synod to the Court on Contested Seats:

  • Canon Clare Burns, Chancellor
  • Joyce Badley, ODT
  • Canon Paul Baston, Registrar
  • The Rev. Canon Judy Herron-Graham
  • The Rev. Elivered Mulongo
  • Gail Smith
  • Kit (Christian) Woods