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Discipleship Resources

A wealth of resources exist to help people explore their faith in different times and contexts. These lists provide a brief snapshot of discipleship materials that have been used in our Diocese. We’ll add new items over time.

Here are the topics you’ll find below:

Multi-topic sites

These resources cover multiple topics – search for what you need!

RightNow Media

A paid subscription-based service designed for churches to share with their members. Includes bible studies and teaching series on a variety of faith-related topics. Searchable and organized by intended audience (e.g. kids, youth).

The Work of the People

More than 1,000 films on various social and religious subjects, with contributions from diverse Christian thinkers and scholars, including Anglicans. It explores the deep, gnawing questions of faith and the human struggle with doubt. Several affordable fee plans for churches.


Resources and community for a deeper, more transformative life with God. Audio, video, articles, study guides and more.

Bible studies

The bible is foundational for learning who God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are and developing our relationship with them. Its stories, praises, laments, directions, letters, arguments and gospels are ways God connects with us and we connect with God. As we explore the bible, we cultivate and discover our faith.

The Story

This paid resource provides material for a year-long sermon series as well as videos for bible studies. The Story is an abridged, chronological bible that reads like a novel.

Episcopal Digital Network

Free bible study on the scriptures in the Sunday lectionary each week in downloadable PDFs.

Bible Project

A free video library on various books of the bible and biblical themes.

Gospel in Life

A paid series from Tim Keller that includes books and videos.

Living the Questions

Explore the biblical foundations, theological grounding and spiritual practices at the heart of progressive Christianity. Paid courses for use in parishes.

Trinity Wall Street videos

Free videos on a variety of topics, from Trinity Episcopal Church in New York.

New members & seekers

People who are new to church might have questions about topics like what it means to be a Christian, how science and religion can coexist, why God allows suffering and more. These resources aim to help seekers ask questions and explore their faith.

The Way of Love

A free resource from the Episcopal Church, the Way of Love program begins with seven basic steps to understand faith: Turn, Learn, Pray, Bless, Go, Rest. It offers information for those seeking to explore faith in a deeper way.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project encourages reading the bible as a unified story, to help build a reading journey that enables the reader to see its larger story. The website provides a free reading app for easy access anywhere.

The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr

Rohr shows how “Jesus” + “Christ” reveal the divine wholeness at the heart of things—and what that means for every one of us. Available from major booksellers.

Tending Soul, Mind, and Body: The Art and Science of Spiritual Formation

A book of spiritual formation that brings together reflections by pastors, theologians and psychologists who explore the relationships among three fields of study. Available from major booksellers.

Extraordinary Hospitality for Ordinary People

The book addresses the importance of hospitality in faith formation by sharing seven ways to welcome strangers as Jesus would. Available at bookstores.

The New City Catechism

A series designed for both kids and adults to help learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Available through Christian Books and bookstores.

Christian life milestones

There are milestones in every person’s life that mark major changes. The milestones in our Christian journeys also create an opportunity for us to grow in faith in a new way.


A time when we most often prepare parents, family and guardians to raise a child in the Christian faith. As parents or godparents, we need to work on our own faith and grow it in a Christian community so we can help others grow in theirs.

Confirmation & new Christians

Confirmation is the moment when a youth or adult confirms the faith that their parents committed to at their baptism. Where once your faith may have been purely dependent on others, now you take it on yourself to live it out in the community. New Christians are going through a personal commitment as well. Both groups need the foundations of the gospel laid out for them so they can grow in a lifetime of faith.


This is a moment where two people commit to serve, care for and build up each other. It’s important that we root all relationships, but especially marriage, in a relationship with God. As it says in Ecclesiastes, a three-bound cord is not easily broken.

Career & calling

We were all created for a purpose and have particular God-given gifts, experiences and connections so that we might build up God’s kingdom here on earth. It’s important to discern with God how to choose a career or how to work in a faithful way.

Death & grief

This can be one of the hardest times in our lives, when we begin to ask important questions about faith, life, God and so much more. It’s also the time when the hope and power of God’s love can really shine through as we are searching for it.


At its most basic level, prayer is conversation with God. There are many ways to pray, and God loves us to pray regardless of what method we use. Below are some tools Christians may find useful as you converse with the God who know and loves you.

Children's ministry

These resources are a mix of secular and Christian tools about faith formation and nurturing children that have been helpful to parents and teachers. You can also see the Children’s Ministry page for more programs and ideas.

Parenting for Faith

This video-based resource from the UK is available online for free. Parishes and individuals can use it to show them that they’re equipped to help children grow in faith. Originally based on a book, this is an eight-week program that includes instructions and leader materials. Extra resources are available for purchase.

Five Love Languages of Children

A book that you can buy online or at various retailers. The website includes study materials and various free additions that can be used either individually or in a group setting to help caregivers and parents grow in communicating better with their children.


Alpha Youth

A free 9-week (13-episode) series designed to introduce and foster discussion on various essential topics of Christian faith. Includes tools and suggestions to build a sense of community among participants. Episodes, outlines, discussion questions and more, available for download.

Seasonal discipleship

The liturgical year provides opportunities to reflect on and discuss discipleship. Through sermons and series, participants can be invited to spend a concentrated time building relationships with each other while learning more about their faith and discipleship as a follower of Jesus.


Disciples Home Missions: Advent bible study for youth

A bible study with immersive experiences designed for youth that could be adapted for any age group.

Bible Project Advent video series

A video series meditating on peace, hope, joy and love.

Peaching an Advent Series

Tips for putting together an Advent sermon series.


Arusha Call to Discipleship

A resource from the Diocese of Fredericton based on the calls to action from the Arusha Call to Discipleship. This entire website is full of excellent resources; reflections on the Arusha Call are just one of the many treasures here.

Discipleship & Stewardship During Lent

A Roman Catholic resource with practical ideas linking stewardship, discipleship and Lent.


Becoming the Story We Tell

A form of liturgical catechesis to cultivate “full, conscious and active participation” in the Paschal Mystery.

Anglican resources

The following are modern Anglican-based discipleship or Christian formation resources, evangelistic modules, book studies, video series, and theological development materials.

Alpha Canada

An 11-week video series developed in the Church of England introducing the basics of Christianity over meals and conversation. It can be held online or in-person. The Alpha series also includes standalone video courses for youth, those preparing for marriage,  married couples and parents.

Christian Foundations

A 9-module book study resource developed by Wycliffe College introducing the basics of Christianity, facilitated over small group conversations. Designed for those without Christian background and for those desiring to refresh their basic Christian understanding, it goes over the elements of the gospel message, the story of the bible, church history, the creeds, and core practices of the Christian faith.

The Pilgrim Course

An 8-booklet study series developed by the Church of England exploring the Christian faith, facilitated over small group conversations. Modules include: Turning to Christ, the Lord’s Prayer, the Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Creeds, the Eucharist, the Bible, and the Church and Kingdom.

Surprised By Hope

A 6-session video series hosted by Anglican bishop and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright, based on his book, Surprised by Hope. It explores the Christian vision of the future, the end of time, and the hope of the resurrection of the body. The video series can be facilitated without reference to the book.