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Creation Care Worship Resources

We encourage every parish in the Diocese to bring the theme of creation care into at least one Sunday service each year – preferably more! Earth Sunday (the Sunday nearest April 22), Rogation Sunday (Easter 6), St. Francis of Assisi (the Sunday nearest October 4) and Harvest Thanksgiving are all appropriate dates.  We also encourage parishes in the Diocese to celebrate the Season of Creation in fall, and to observe a “Fast for the Earth” during Lent.

NEW - Hiking Church Resources

Over the past year, members of the Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care in the Diocese of Toronto have been exploring Hiking Church as an experience of walking and worship in creation.

While the words “hiking church” may conjure up the image of a pristine forest trail, Hiking Church events can and should take place in many different environments:  rural, suburban, urban.  The idea is to connect with creation – noticing signs of life where creation is flourishing, as well as where it is stressed.

The walk begins with a gathering song and prayer, moves to a Eucharist (contextualized for the location), and culminates in a re-gathering, closing prayer and dismissal. During the walk itself, participants are invited to walk in silence, with awareness. It’s amazing what you begin to notice when you pay attention!

Season of Creation (Sept. 1 – Oct. 4)

Season of Creation is a growing movement by Christians around the world to observe the period between September 1 (the World Day of Prayer for Creation) and October 4 (the feast of St. Francis of Assisi) as a time of particular attention to praying and caring for the earth. General Synod 2019 passed a resolution adopting the Season of Creation in the Anglican Church of Canada as a time of prayer, education, and action and encouraging dioceses and parishes to participate.

Some parishes in our Diocese find that it suits their parish rhythms better to start in late September so as to include both the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi (Oct. 4) and Harvest Thanksgiving (the Sunday before the second Monday in October). We encourage you to consider how best to incorporate Season of Creation into the life of your parish.

Lent Resources

“Ecological Grief and Creational Hope – A Lent Curriculum for All Ages”

This six-week resource explores the biblical themes of creation’s groaning and lament as well as its hope for redemption.  Each week includes a Scripture passage with questions for reflection and discussion, prayers, suggested activities and action ideas, as well as links to explore further.  The questions and activities can be adapted for individual, family, group, or parish use, with specific suggestions for children and youth.

While originally planned as a Lent resource, this curriculum can be used in any six-week period as best suits your parish.

Ecological Grief and Creational Hope (full colour PDF)

Print the resource in black and white (grayscale)

Lent Fast for the Earth

Our Lent Fast for the Earth (2021) has been updated for use in any year.  Download the resource. (PDF)


Earth Sunday Resources

Many parishes in our Diocese hold services with a creation care theme on the Sunday closest to Earth Day (April 22).  Here are some resources to help you plan an Earth Sunday service:

More resources:

  • An “Earth Day Liturgy” from the Anglican Church of Southern Africa Environmental Network

Resources for Outdoor Worship

As the weather continues warm and provincial health measures allow outdoor gatherings, check out our guide to creating an outdoor worship space:

Workshop: Strengthening the Prayers of the People in a time of Climate Crisis

The Rev. Canon John Hill offers a workshop for people who lead intercessions, covering topics such as engaging the congregation and praying for current issues like climate change. For more information, download the flyer or contact Canon Hill at