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Diocesan Volunteer Corps

How can I help? Volunteer with us.

When our parishes closed in the face of pandemic lockdown in March 2020, some folks struggled to produce recorded services or live Zoom coffee hours. A long-time Diocesan Council member asked the volunteer resources coordinator, “how can we help clergy who are baffled by tech?”

That’s how our second-newest diocesan volunteer position was born. Now we have a team of remote tech volunteers who consult with parishes, evaluating which equipment, platform or software would best suit their capacity and context.

And that’s how the director of Congregational Development thought of the newest diocesan volunteer role. Our reopening protocol volunteers are health and safety experts ready to help parishes comply with evolving re-opening guidelines.

Our volunteers

Our diocesan volunteers are like that – they see a need and want to help. 

There about 100 volunteers serving in the bishop’s Volunteer Corps at any given time. Established in 1996, our bishops realized they can’t be everywhere, and there’s a lot to do.

Our coaches and facilitators work with parishes, often at the behest of the bishops, to build healthy communities of faith with clarity of mission. About 15% of our volunteers are active clergy, and the rest are lay folks. Most have leadership experience in their parishes and look to the Diocese to provide new experiences, networking opportunities and interesting challenges.

In all things we serve God first, and we serve with joy, exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit. We listen for needs and respond accordingly. We offer encouragement and support while recognizing our own limitations and boundaries. As volunteers and diocesan staff, we seek to be good stewards of our time and resources, and work to model a balance between work, prayer, play and family.



A role for you?

We need folks with differing skills and experience to serve as volunteer consultants.  We offer support, mentoring and training opportunities.

If you’re ready to apply, get in touch!

Elizabeth McCaffrey

Volunteer Resources Consultant
416-363-6021 (1-800-668-8932)

What our volunteers say

God has blessed me throughout my life with opportunities to learn and grow, not only in my church life but in my professional life. Now I am happy to use my knowledge and experiences to help grow the Church and God’s Kingdom, and I find that the blessings continue through this work!

– Val Whalley, Natural Church Development Coach

I volunteer because the work is very interesting, and it allows you to use your good judgement. Here I work with great people – in the Diocesan Centre, in churches and with other volunteers.

– Michael Farrell, Administrator and Parish Selection Committee Coach

I believe the Church has a message beyond my parish. I volunteer because I believe in service and that you should push yourself. The Diocese offers training and opportunities for me to reach beyond where we all begin in our parishes.

– Joanne Colbourne, Parish Selection Committee Coach