General FAQs

Where is my local Anglican church?
In our Find a Church section, you’ll find a list of all the Anglican churches in our diocese, with contact information for each church. You can search by address or postal code to find churches near you.

How do I become an Anglican?
Whether you’re a baptized Christian or you’re exploring Christianity or Anglicanism for the first time, you are most welcome at your local Anglican church. You may become a member of the Anglican Church (“an Anglican”) by regularly attending an Anglican parish and contributing to its life and ministry. It really is as simple as that.

If you are baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity in a Christian church or denomination, your baptism is acknowledged as valid within the Anglican Church. You may also choose to be formally received into the Anglican Church or to make a public profession of faith through a service of reception or confirmation when the bishop is present. Speak to your parish priest for more information about this.

If you are not baptized and are interested in becoming baptized, please approach your parish priest. You can also learn more on our Baptism page.

Where do I find baptism, marriage or burial records?
Please visit our Archives pages for more information. You will also find these pages helpful if you’re researching your ancestors or preparing for parish anniversaries, or if you’re simply interested in history.

I’m going up north for a vacation; what church(es) could I go to, and what are their service times?
In our Find a Church section, you can search for the town you’re visiting to find a list of the churches nearby. You can visit a church’s website or phone the church to get more details. In many cases, churches include service times on their recorded telephone messages.

Where can I attend an Anglican service in languages other than English?
Our Find a Church section will give you a list of churches with services in other languages.

How do I get married in an Anglican church? What is the fee for an Anglican wedding?
Procedures vary from church to church, so we recommend that you contact the priest at the church where you hope to be married. You can also visit our Weddings page for general information about Anglican weddings.

Where can I find out about marriage preparation classes?
The parish priest who is to marry you should be able to provide you with details on classes in your area.

Does the Anglican Church marry divorced people?
Yes, in principle, but permission must first be sought from the diocesan bishop. You will need to apply for permission through the parish priest. (See Weddings.)

Does the Anglican Church marry same-sex couples?
In our Diocese, priests are permitted to perform same-sex marriages . To learn more, see the Marriage page.

I want to get married in a park/in my home/in a heritage building; can an Anglican priest conduct my wedding?
Yes, it is possible for an Anglican wedding to take place outside of a church building. For more information, speak to your parish priest. (See Weddings.)

How do I get my baby baptized? What are the requirements for baptism in the Anglican church?
Our section on Baptism will give you some general information, but your parish priest will be able to give you all the necessary details.

When, where and how can I get confirmed?
Your parish priest will be able to tell you all about the confirmation, what it means and what it entails. He or she will also be able to tell you about attending confirmation classes.

Who is the Area Bishop for my parish?
You’ll find all our bishops listed on the Area Bishops/Episcopal Areas page.

Which churches have a Sunday school/nursery?
Most churches have these, but check with the specific church you’re interested in. (Find a Church)

Do you have a list of special services for Christmas/Ash Wednesday/Good Friday/Easter, etc?
Each church will have its own special services. We suggest you decide on which church you’d like to attend and contact them for these times. (Find a Church)

Where can I find churches with space to rent?
This is administered by the individual churches of the diocese. Contact your local church directly. (Find a Church)

I am writing a letter to a priest; how do I address the letter and envelope?
For established forms of address in the Anglican Church, please refer to Forms of Address for Clergy.