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Becoming a Deacon

Those who make up the Community of Deacons are ordained persons who have been called to a special ministry of servanthood, directly under the authority of the bishop. In the past they were called “permanent deacons,” “perpetual deacons” or “vocational deacons,” but now they’re called just “deacons.”

(Those who are temporarily deacons on the way to ordination to the priesthood are called “transitional deacons.”)

Deacons exercise a ministry of service beyond the Church, particularly to the vulnerable and marginalized. Their focus is on the Church active in the world, rather than on parish activities.

Becoming a deacon

If you’re a parish interested in exploring this ministry, contact the coordinator.

If you’re an individual interested in this ministry, talk to your incumbent before contacting the coordinator. Your bishop needs to grant permission before any discernment process can continue.

For information about the Community of Deacons and diaconal ministry in the Diocese, contact the Ven. Kyn Barker, Coordinator of Deacons, at 416-371-4305.