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Episcopal Leadership Working Group Report & Governance Update

Report from the Episcopal Leadership Working Group

In June 2020, following the announcement of the retirement of the Bishop Peter Fenty, Bishop Andrew Asbil announced the formation of the Episcopal Leadership Working Group (the ELWG) with a mandate to consider and report to him on alternative models for the exercise of episcopal leadership, oversight and pastoral ministry in the Diocese. Read the Report and watch this video (see below) from Bishop Asbil.

In May 2021, Anglicans across the Diocese participated in town hall meetings to provide their feedback on the report.




Bishop Andrew Asbil talks about the Episcopal Leadership Working Group Report

Update from the Governance Working Group

The Governance Working Group was formed as one of five focus areas under the Growing in Christ strategic plan. It started reviewing the Diocese’s governance structure and sought input from various stakeholders.

The common thread of concerns related to the current Membership of Diocesan Council was that it was an unwieldy structure, had incoherent decision-making processes, and difficulty navigating the committee structure.

At Synod in 2019, the original proposal for Synod Council Membership included:

  • Diocesan Council and the Executive Board be amalgamated into one body called Synod Council
  • Synod Council be reduced to a maximum of 25 members
  • Six committees be established

The working group has developed a revised proposal for Synod Council Membership. Learn more about how the working group addressed issued requiring further attention and the proposals to address them.