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Your will, your legacy

We believe in a generous God, and a generous life is a testament to our faith. The more generous we are, the more we reflect the generous God we believe in. With our contributions we form the generous community we are called to be a part of.

By supporting the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation, you are investing in the future of theological education, the beauty of liturgical music, the profound experiences of Holy Land studies, and the vital work of Indigenous ministries.

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal.” – Matthew 6:19-20

Your will, our legacy

Your planned gifts ensure that our ministries stay vibrant and responsive to the evolving needs of our community, embodying the love and compassion that Jesus Christ taught us.

By including the Anglican Diocese of Toronto in your will, you are making a lasting statement about the values you cherish and the hope you have for the future of our Church.

We are profoundly grateful for your support, which enables the Diocese to live out God’s generosity. Together, we can build a legacy of faith, hope and love that endures, touching lives and transforming hearts for generations to come.

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Ways to give

You can make a gift during your lifetime or at death through your will. Substantial gifts can be made without an immediate outlay of cash or assets, protecting your immediate financial security. Most gifts provide tax advantages. Gifts over $10 will be eligible for a tax receipt.

Gifts can be made in memory of or in honor of an individual or a special occasion. A card can be sent to your intended recipient, informing them of your gift (cards don’t show the gift amount).

  • Cash

    A cash gift is a voluntary transfer of cash without consideration. Cash gifts can take the form of bills, cheque, credit card or other bank instruments. You can make a cash gift online or through the mail.

  • A bequest in your will

    The Foundation has partnered with Willfora to provide you with a free resource that helps make creating or updating a will easier than ever. Willfora lets you create a legal will online in 20 minutes or less. It also gives you the option to support causes that are important to you.

    Start your will for free now!


    A gift in your will shows your passion, values and hopes. It also lets you make a larger donation than would be possible during your lifetime.

    By naming the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, you can give a percentage of your estate, a sum of money, a gift of property or a gift of securities. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the value of the gift, which may reduce the taxes payable by your estate.

    The benefits of making a bequest:

    • It can be a lasting legacy for you, your family, or anyone you may wish to honour.
    • You keep full control of your assets during your lifetime.
    • It can provide tax relief to your estate.

    You can decide at any stage in your life to leave a gift in your will to the Foundation. Talk to your family, talk to your financial planner and talk to us.

    If you decide to leave a gift in your will, please complete the Bequest Confirmation Form to share your wonderful news with us.

    There are many options for legacy gifts. Consult with your legal and financial advisors to consider all the relevant issues and income tax provisions.

  • A life insurance policy

    Gifts of life insurance are made by transferring ownership of an existing or new policy to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation.

    Gifts of life insurance are an affordable way to make a difference. A modest annual premium paid over time will result in a significant future legacy.

    There are three ways of making a gift of life insurance:

    1. You can donate an existing policy and receive a charitable tax receipt for the net cash surrender value (less any outstanding policy loans) and any premiums paid after the date of transfer of ownership to the Foundation.
    2. You can take out a new life insurance policy, name the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation as the owner and beneficiary, and receive a charitable tax receipt for any premiums paid after the date of transfer of ownership to the Foundation.
    3. You can name the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation as beneficiary of your policy, or the life insurance policy from your employer, and your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt equal to the death benefit proceeds paid directly to the Foundation.
  • Securities

    When you donate publicly traded stock and securities, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the full appreciated value of a donation of publicly traded stock or securities, and you won’t be subject to any capital gains tax.

    Benefits of making a gift of stock or securities:

    1. Capital gains tax on publicly listed stocks and securities are exempt when you donate your shares to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation rather than selling and donating the proceeds.
    2. The value of your tax receipt will be based on the market closing price on the day the foundation takes legal receipt of your stock or securities into our brokerage account.
    3. You may claim charitable donations up to 75 percent of your net income, and a five-year carry-forward on any unused donation amount is permitted.
    Charitable Donations of Securities/Mutual Funds Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I donate to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation?

    Donating to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation is simple and meaningful. You can contribute online through our secure donation portal, send a cheque by mail, or contact us directly to discuss other forms of giving, such as securities, bequests or gifts-in-kind. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a significant impact on our ability to carry out our mission and serve our community. For more details or to donate, please visit our website at [insert website URL] or call us at 416-505-6537. Your generosity is a vital part of our shared journey in faith and service.

  • Are donations to the Foundation tax-deductible?

    Yes, donations to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation are tax-deductible. As a registered charity, we provide official tax receipts for all eligible contributions. Your donations not only support our vital work within the community and further our mission but also offer financial benefits through tax savings. This allows you to make a significant impact while receiving recognition for your generosity in your tax returns. For more information on how your donation can provide tax advantages, please consult with your tax advisor or contact our office for guidance.

  • Can I designate my donation to a specific cause or program?

    Absolutely! The Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation respects the wishes of our donors to contribute to areas that deeply resonate with their values and interests. You have the option to designate your donation to specific causes or programs that align with your passion, whether it’s supporting theological education, aiding community outreach initiatives, or contributing to our Indigenous or youth ministries. Your directed support ensures that your contribution goes directly to the projects and programs closest to your heart, allowing you to make a profound impact in areas of the Church’s work that matter most to you. For more information on how to designate your donation, contact our donor relations team.

  • How does the Foundation ensure the ethical use of donations?

    The Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation is committed to the highest standards of stewardship and ethical practices in managing the generous gifts we receive. We ensure that all donations are used effectively and transparently, directly supporting the designated causes and programs as specified by our donors. Regular audits, transparent reporting and strict adherence to charity regulations guide our operations, ensuring that every dollar is accounted for and contributes to the advancement of our mission. We believe in building trust with our donors through integrity and accountability, ensuring that their contributions make a lasting impact on the communities we serve and reflect the values of our faith. For more details on our ethical practices and financial accountability, contact our office.

  • What payment methods are accepted for donations?

    The Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation accepts a variety of payment methods for donations, including credit/debit cards, PayPal and bank transfers, to accommodate donors’ preferences.

    We prioritize ensuring the payment process is seamless and error-free, using secure transaction technologies to provide donors with a smooth and reliable experience. This approach helps facilitate generous giving while protecting donor information.

    For more information on securities, bequests or gifts of life insurance, contact Peter Misiaszek, director of Stewardship Development, at 647-578-9760.

For more information on securities, bequests, or gifts of life insurance, please contact Peter Misiaszek, Director of Stewardship Development at 416-363-6021 ext. 246.