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Staff Directory

Suchitra Ahlawat Finance Receptionist

Suchitra provides front-line hospitality for the Diocese and helps visitors and callers with general information.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 210
The Ven. John Anderson Bishops' Offices Archdeacon & Canon Pastor

Archdeacon Anderson is responsible for the East archdeaconry. He is also available for questions about the diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy. To make a report of possible sexual misconduct, contact Canon Anderson at his confidential phone number 416-807-2494 or confidential email

Tel: Ext. 416-807-2494
The Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil Bishops' Offices Bishop of Toronto

Bishop Andrew is the chief pastor of the Diocese with oversight of its parishes, and in particular for the Central archdeaconry.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 250
The Venerable Kyn Barker Bishops' Offices Archdeacon of Toronto

Archdeacon Barker is the Coordinator of the Community of Deacons.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext.
Pamela Boisvert Administration and Property Support Secretary of Synod

Pam is responsible for carrying out and coordinating the administrative responsibilities of Diocesan Synod that reside in the Secretary of Synod’s office. She can be consulted about the Constitution, Canons and Diocesan Council matters.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 231
Lily Chow Human Resources Human Resources Coordinator

Lily provides general support to the Human Resources department.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 233
Canon Mary Conliffe Bishops' Offices Diocesan Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Mary is responsible for policy and administrative support for the Bishop of Toronto, oversight of the Bishop’s Office (including chaplaincy and deacons), and the selection process leading to ordination. She is available for information about diocesan events, clergy matters, Bishop’s Committees, including the Postulancy Committee, and the Fresh Start and Momentum Programs.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 212
Patricia D’Souza Finance Treasurer & Director of Finance

Patricia oversees the finance, accounting and treasury functions of the Diocese.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 248
Melissa Doidge Stewardship Development Stewardship and Congregational Development Assistant

Melissa provides administrative support to the Stewardship Development and Congregational Development departments. She is responsible for responding to external queries, updating the database, handling website and online registration issues, and the Bishop’s Company dinners.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 243
Tracey Gordon Finance Finance Department Assistant

Tracey provides administrative and back-up support for the Finance department.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 216
Elin Goulden Social Justice and Advocacy Social Justice and Advocacy Consultant

(on leave) Elin is available for consultation on parish outreach, social justice, advocacy and working with local government representatives for change.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 240
Atif Hasni Stewardship Development Donor Relations and Information Management Assistant

Atif manages donor information, generates reports related to campaigns and appeals, liaises with donors and issues tax receipts and thank-you letters.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 221
Martha Holmen Communications Digital Communications Coordinator

Martha manages the diocese’s website and social media channels, edits the bi-weekly Bulletin Board and is available for consultation and support for social media initiatives.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 222
The Ven. Theadore Hunt Bishops' Offices Archdeacon

Archdeacon Hunt is responsible for the Central archdeaconry.

Tel: Ext.
Deborah Journeaux Human Resources Director of Human Resources

Deb is available for consultation, training and support on human resources issues including selection, compensation, evaluation, performance management and retirement planning.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 232
Jennipher Kean Bishops' Offices Bishop's Administrative Assistant

Jenn works with Bishop Riscylla Shaw and the archdeaconries she oversees (North and East). You can contact Jenn for matters that directly relate to these archdeaconries or to reach Bishop Riscylla.

Tel: 905-833-8327 Ext.
The Rev. Leigh Kern Bishops' Offices Right Relations Coordinator

Leigh is an Anglican priest and pastor to Toronto’s Indigenous communities.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext.
Jennifer Bolender King Bishops' Offices Diocesan Bishop's Office Assistant

Jenn supports the work of the diocesan bishop’s office, including the Central arcdeaconry. She can be contacted for scheduling appointments, meetings and parish visits with Bishop Asbil.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 250
David Krause Congregational Development Congregational Development Consultant

Dave works with congregations in visioning and strategic planning, as well as supporting Natural Church Development.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 207
Amanda Lowry Bishops' Offices Bishop's Office Assistant

Amanda supports the College of Bishops in their roles on committees, with diocesan programs and specific episcopal portfolios (e.g. postulancy, Fresh Start for clergy and Momentum). She also helps coordinate diocesan services and special events.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 223
The Ven. Steven Mackison Bishops' Offices Archdeacon

Archdeacon Mackison is responsible for the West archdeaconry.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext.
Canon Stuart Mann Communications Director of Communications and Editor of The Anglican

Stuart is available for consultation and support to parishes and diocesan groups for online and print initiatives.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 247
Janet Marshall Congregational Development Director of Congregational Development

Janet is the primary staff person for Natural Church Development, parish conflict and congregational reconfiguration.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 274
Elizabeth McCaffrey Congregational Development Volunteer Resources Consultant

Elizabeth works to expand the diocesan volunteer corps and help find skilled volunteers for diocesan boards and committees.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 226
Sarah McDougall Archives Archives Assistant

Sarah provides administrative support for the Archives, conducts historical and genealogical research, helps researchers, oversees the reading room and maintains the central filing system.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 218
Peter Mentis Stewardship Development FaithWorks Campaign Manager

Peter can help with parish FaithWorks campaigns, stewardship initiatives and applications for FaithWorks grants.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 244
Peter Misiaszek Stewardship Development Director of Stewardship Development

Peter is available to parishes for consultation and support in the development of capital campaigns, general fundraising, and for FaithWorks support. He manages the Bishop’s Company and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 246
Daiane Monteiro Administration and Property Support Property Resources Assistant

Daiane provides administrative support to the Property Resources department.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 280
The Ven. Cheryl Palmer Bishops' Offices Archdeacon

Archdeacon Palmer is responsible for the South archdeaconry.

Tel: Ext.
Ajith Philip Administration and Property Support Administrative and Synod Assistant

Ajith supports the preparation work of Synod and performs administrative work for the Administration and Property Support department.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 208
The Rt. Rev. Kevin Robertson Bishops' Offices Suffragan Bishop

Bishop Kevin is an assisting bishop of the diocese and oversees the West and South archdeaconries.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 253
Canon Robert Saffrey Administration and Property Support Executive Director

Rob oversees the administrative and program functions of the Synod Office and works to ensure that the implementation of Growing in Christ is accomplished.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 251
Rebecca Scott Finance Bookkeeper

Rebecca processes receivables, prepares reconciliations and answers questions about account balances.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 238
The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw Bishops' Offices Suffragan Bishop

Bishop Riscylla is an assisting bishop of the diocese and oversees the North and East archdeaconries.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 905-668-1558
Keri Stilling Finance General Accountant/Payroll Administrator

Keri is responsible for payroll and billing to parishes.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 239
Amy Talbert Human Resources Human Resources Manager

Amy is available for information on any of the Human Resources products, materials, workshop dates, etc., or inquiries about the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith policy and program.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 241
Canon Laura Walton Bishops' Offices Canon Administrator & Children’s Ministry Network Coordinator

Canon Walton is responsible for the North archdeaconry. She’s also available to answer questions about children’s ministry at

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 228
Jennifer Wang Finance Accounts Payable Clerk

Jennifer is responsible for accounts payable, responding to inquiries and providing support to the Finance department.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 237
Sue Willoughby Bishops' Offices Bishop's Administrative Assistant

Sue works with Bishop Kevin Robertson and his archdeaconries (West and South). You can contact Sue for matters that relate to these archdeaconries or to reach Bishop Kevin.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 253
Claire Wilton Archives Archivist & Privacy Officer

Claire is available for consultation and support to parishes and groups working with parish records and archives on all aspects of records management, preservation, history and archival donations, and for questions about the Diocesan Centre Privacy Standards Policy.

Tel: 1-800-668-8932 Ext. 219