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Creation Care

As Christians, we believe that the earth belongs to God; that all things have been created and will be redeemed in Christ; and that we have been entrusted with the care of the earth.

The Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care provides support to individual Anglicans, parishes and the Diocese as a whole to make creation care an integral part of our worship, life and witness.

To learn more, contact the the co-chairs of the committee, the Rev. Susan Spicer and the Rev. Paige Souter, at

Earth Week Resources

For the Love of Creation, a nationwide coalition of faith groups (including the Anglican Church of Canada) united for creation care, encourages faith groups across Canada to engage in prayer, learning and action for the love of creation during Earth Week (April 21-28, 2024). Visit their website for suggestions or to register your local event!

Pray: Many parishes in our Diocese hold services with a creation care theme on a Sunday close to Earth Day (April 22).  Here are some resources to help you plan an Earth Sunday service:

Learn: Get your parish and neighbourhood talking about steps you can take to address the climate crisis.  Host a Faithful Climate Conversation. Invite a speaker. Watch a film. Check out the free downloadable resources from A Rocha Canada or Climate Justice Ministries (US).

Act: Do something to put care for creation into practice. Participate in a community cleanup (check your local municipal website to register). Write a letter to or visit your elected representative, urging stronger climate action.

The Diocese of Toronto encourages all parishes to participate in the first step of the Zero Emissions Church process by filling out a survey form about your parish heating system.  Nearly 50 parishes completed forms distributed at Diocesan Synod in November 2023.  If your parish hasn’t already done so, you can fill out the form here.


NEW - Hiking Church Resources

Over the past year, members of the Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care in the Diocese of Toronto have been exploring Hiking Church as an experience of walking and worship in creation.

While the words “hiking church” may conjure up the image of a pristine forest trail, Hiking Church events can and should take place in many different environments:  rural, suburban, urban.  The idea is to connect with creation – noticing signs of life where creation is flourishing, as well as where it is stressed.

The walk begins with a gathering song and prayer, moves to a Eucharist (contextualized for the location), and culminates in a re-gathering, closing prayer and dismissal. During the walk itself, participants are invited to walk in silence, with awareness. It’s amazing what you begin to notice when you pay attention!

Further resources

Worship resources

Bring concern for creation into prayer and worship.  Design an outdoor worship space!

Environmental advocacy

Join with others working for action on climate change and environmental protection.

Educational resources

Explore how the call to creation care is woven into the biblical story.

Practical greening

Find ways of making your parish more eco-friendly, including buildings and gardens.

Diocesan policy and reflection papers

Connecting with others

We’re connected to the Creation Matters working group of the Anglican Church of Canada, and through it to the global Anglican Environmental Communion Network.

We commend these other Canadian faith-based organizations working on environmental justice and stewardship:

  • Citizens for Public Justice: a Christian voice for social and environmental justice in Canadian public policy
  • Faith and the Common Good: an interfaith organization helping faith communities with practical greening through their Greening Sacred Spaces program
  • KAIROS: a coalition of Canadian churches working together for justice and peace
  • A Rocha Canada: a Christian environmental stewardship organization working in conservation, environmental education and sustainable agriculture