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The Art of Resistance

Join this Reconciliation Walk Series to learn how Black storytellers, poets, writers, visual artists, and musicians use their art forms to expose anti-Black racism and resist oppression.

Watch the videos and listen to the stories in advance of the Zoom session, where we will share our responses, hear from a Black artist, and have an opportunity for discussion.

All sessions are on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 on Zoom.

The Deacons of Parkdale-West Toronto Deanery and the Diocese of Toronto gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Film Board of Canada for this series.

  • Recovering the Truth About Black History in Canada  (with special guest Pat McNeilly) –  October 12, 2023 EVENT ENDED
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade: Exile to Babylon (with special guest Dwayne Morgan) – November 23, 2023 REGISTER HERE
  • Materials for November 23

    As  you watch these videos, consider the following two questions:

    1. What is the impact of the absence of Black history-telling on England? Canada? What would change if we were to tell our history in a new way, with a greater recognition of Black history?
    2. What new learning did you experience after the videos? How did it change your understanding of race and racism?

    There will be an opportunity to discuss these questions at the Nov. 23 session.


  • Emancipation and the Price of Liberty (with special guest Henry Gomez) – January 18, 2024 REGISTER HERE
  • Movement of Blacks to Canada Part 1: Loyalists after the American Revolution (with special guest Teejai Travis) – February 15, 2024 REGISTER HERE
  • Movement of Blacks to Canada Part 2: The Underground Railroad (with special guest Roger Gibbs) – March 21, 2024 REGISTER HERE
  • Immigration from the Caribbean/The West Indian Experience (with special guest Quentin VerCetty) – April 18, 2024 REGISTER HERE