York-Credit Valley – Area Council Members

Current membership of the York-Credit Valley Area Council is as follows:

  • The Area Bishop
  • The Elected Chair of Area Council – Anita Gittens

Regional Deans:

  • Etobicoke-Humber, the Rev. Mark Gladding
  • Mississauga, the Rev. Canon Paul J. Walker
  • North Peel, the Rev. David Bryant
  • Parkdale Toronto West, the Rev. Canon Philip Hobson, OGS

Lay Representation from each Deanery

  • Etobicoke-Humber, Anita Gittens (St. Paul the Apostle)
  • Mississauga, VACANT
  • North Peel, VACANT
  • Parkdale West Toronto, Linda Jamieson (St. Hilary)

Members at Large:

  • the Rev. Michelle Childs-Ward (St. George on the Hill)
  • the Rev. Susan Climo (Holy Spirit of Peace)
  • the Rev. Byron Gilmore (Christ Church, Brampton)
  • Michael Gundy (St. Anne, Gladstone)
  • Constance Kendall (St. Mary and St. Martha)
  • Billy Ng (St. Elizabeth)
  • Pete Pynenburg (Christ Church St. James)
  • Danny Thomas (CSI Toronto)

York-Credit Valley Elected Members to Diocesan Council

(At Pre-Synod 2017):

Cleric (1)

  • the Rev. Dr. Stephen Drakeford, Epiphany & St. Mark

Lay Members (2)

  • Michael Gundy, St. Anne, Gladstone
  • Bev Sneyd, St. Mary & St. Martha

Area Council Representative at Diocesan Council

  • the Rev. Susan Climo (Holy Spirit of Peace)

Archbishop’s Appointee to Diocesan Council

  • the Rev. Michelle Childs-Ward (Etobicoke-Humber)
  • the Rev. David Bryant (North Peel)

 Updated Oct 2017