York-Credit Valley Grants

York-Credit Valley Area Council Grants seek

  • to support the mandate and purposes of the Anglican Church’s mission and ministry in York-Credit Valley Area
  • to enhance and develop parishes’ mission and ministry, encouraging parish health, growth and evangelism

Scroll down to learn about YCV Grants and the Application Process. If your parish or organization has previously received a grant, please note that you are be required to submit written feedback on the event or project and that no further grants will be considered until this has been received and reviewed. See more details and the feedback template below.

Ministry Development Grants

Ministry Development Grants (MDG) are awarded annually to parishes that apply for funding for new and continuing ministry programs. The Council provides financial assistance to parishes seeking support for

  • Congregational Growth and Development
  • Youth Ministry
  • Lay leaders and vocational deacons participating in Leadership Training courses.

FaithWorks Grants

The funding for FaithWorks grants represents a percentage of the donations to FaithWorks from our Episcopal area. The grants are to assist a variety of parish and community outreach projects involving children, youth and adults in York-Credit Valley.

Parish Partnership Grants

Parish Partnership Grants awarded annually to two or more parishes working together (or to Deanery groups) that apply for funding for new and continuing ministry programs. The funding criteria are effectively the same as those for Ministry Development Grants.

Making an Area Council Grant Application

All parishes/ congregations / ministries who wish to apply for all types of Area funding must complete the Area Grant Application Form.

Please download both the Grant Application Guidance and the Grant Application Form and complete the latter fully, following the instructions. The completed form, together with any supporting information, should be returned to the Bishop’s office, preferably by e-mail in the first instance with a signed copy to follow, for consideration at the next scheduled Area Council grant review meeting.

Area Grant Feedback Process

Projects receiving funding will be required to submit a written report to Area Council (using the template provided) within 30 days of the completion of the project/event, or, in the case of on-going programs, by the end of the year in which the grant is received.  No further grants to a parish or organization will be considered until this has been received and reviewed.

To assist you in providing feedback, we have developed the York-Credit Valley Area Grant Feedback form – please download this and use it to shape your report.

Other Funding Opportunities

To give your funding application the best chance of success and avoid wasted effort, you may want to consider whether your needs are a good match to Area Grants criteria or may be better served by applying to one of the other Diocesan funding opportunities (summarized below).

Grants from the Baker Foundation are for the building of or additions to existing Sunday Schools. See www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-administration/grants-funding/baker-foundation-grants-2/

The Bishop’s Company Fund provides discretionary funds for the bishops to come to the aid of clergy and their families with emergency needs. www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-administration/grants-funding/bishops-company/

Carleton Fund Grants are for repairs and/or renovations to rectories occupied by clergy. See www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-administration/grants-funding/carleton-fund-grants/

Ministry Allocation Fund Grants (MAF) provide grants of loans for real estate purposes, congregational growth and ministry resources and creating new forms of ministry. See www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-administration/grants-funding/ministry-allocation-fund-grants/

Our Faith-Our Hope: Re-Imagine Church Grants provide financial resources to renew, re-imagine, and revitalize the Church of tomorrow.  See www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-administration/grants-funding/our-faith-our-hope-re-imagine-church-grants/. Applications should address the following strategic objectives:

  • Building the Church for Tomorrow
    Leadership Development
    Pioneering Ministry
    Communication in a Wireless World
  • Revitalizing Our Inheritance
    Adaptive Reuse of Parish Facilities
    Enabling Parishes to become Multi-Staffed

Reach Grants are becoming increasingly successful at funding new ministry that is aimed at reaching un‑churched and de-churched people. The purpose of a Reach grant is to provide one time funding (of up to $5000) for ministry that is aimed at connecting with those not currently being reached by traditional parish ministry. See www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-life/mission-shaped-parish/grants/.

The Anglican Foundation of Canada distributes grants and loans to causes that are either new or for which funds are not easily accessed or financed. Programs supported by the Foundation can range from building projects, accessibility upgrades, creative arts programs, theological student bursaries, camps, aboriginal prayer and peace circles, and much more. See www.toronto.anglican.ca/parish-administration/grants-funding/anglican-foundation-of-canada-2/ (These grants can only be made through the Diocese, not direct)