Officers and Directors

Officers of the Diocese

President of the Synod and the Bishop of the Diocese

  • The Most Rev. Colin R. Johnson, BA, MDiv, DD

Suffragan Bishops

  • The Rt. Rev. Peter DeC. Fenty, MDiv (Hon), BA, LTh, Dip.Th., DD. (York-Simcoe)
  • The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw, BA, MDiv (Trent-Durham)
  • The Rt. Rev. Kevin Robertson, BA, MDiv (York-Scarborough)
  • The Rt. Rev. Jenny Andison, BA (Hon) MDiv (York-Credit Valley)


  • Canon Clare E. Burns, LLB, LLM

Vice Chancellor & Registrar

  • Canon Paul Baston, BA, LLB

Vice Chancellor

  • Mr. Brian G. Armstrong, QC, BA (Hon), JD, ICD.D

Executive Director

  • Ms. Angela Hantoumakos, BA, M.Sc.

Secretary of Synod

  • Pamela Boisvert, CAPM

Honorary Lay Secretary

  • Mrs. Sarah McDonald, BSc, MA, OCT

Honorary Clerical Secretary

  • The Rev. Ian LaFleur, MDiv

Treasurer and Director of Finance

  • Ms. Kathryn Rogers, CPA, CA

Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. James

  • The Very Rev. Andrew Asbil, MDiv

Directors of the Diocese

Director of Communications

  • Canon Stuart Mann, BAA

Interim Director of Congregational Development

  • Ms. Susan Abell, MSW

Director of Human Resources

  • The Rev. Richard Dentinger, BA, MDiv, CHRL

Director of Property Resources

  • Mr. David Badian, BA

Director of Stewardship Development

  • Mr. Peter Misiaszek, BA, MA, CFRE

Executive Assistant to the Archbishop

  • Canon Mary Conliffe, MDiv