Social Justice and Advocacy: What’s new

Social Justice Vestry Motion for 2017: Continuing the Call to Reconciliation

As part of our efforts to continue to respond to Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), the 2017 social justice vestry motion will once again focus on addressing these Calls to Action by encouraging parishes to carry out reflection and study within their congregations as well as calling on the government to implement one of the key elements of the TRC’s calls. We hope that your parish will join us in undertaking this work by passing the 2017 vestry motion and committing to continue working towards reconciliation at every level of the church and in all parts of the country.

Resources for this year’s vestry motion include:

Additional Resources:

We will, once again, be holding half-day formation sessions in each episcopal area to help build the capacity of parish leaders to speak to the issues addressed in this year’s motion. Details of these events, happening in January 2017, will be posted shortly.

National Aboriginal Day of Prayer – June 19, 2016

Parishes are encouraged to observe National Aboriginal Day of Prayer every year as a way of acknowledging the significant contributions of Indigenous communities to the history and future of our country and our church. This year National Aboriginal Day of Prayer will be observed on June 19 in the Diocese of Toronto. Resources for National Aboriginal Day of Prayer 2016 include:

Updated Outreach & Advocacy Prayer Cycle

The Outreach & Advocacy Prayer Cycle has been updated for use in your parish and ministries for the 2015-2016 liturgical year. You can download this resource below

 Watch our Advocacy Video!

Our five-minute video “Out of Poverty – From Charity to Justice” gives basic facts on poverty and how you can respond. It is ideal for parish use. We invite you to share it on Facebook or Twitter!

A longer version (18 minutes) is also available, along with a users’ guide (pdf).