Please note that this campaign is completed and funds have already been distributed within the Diocese.

1. What is the Our Faith – Our Hope campaign goal? What does the money go towards?
The minimum financial goal for Our Faith – Our Hope is $50,000,000. Monies collected from the campaign will be allocated to one of four areas: Strengthening Local Parishes, Building the Church for Tomorrow, Revitalizing Our Inheritance, and Giving to Others. Each of these areas is explained in the campaign case statement in greater detail. The fund allocation breakdown for these four areas is as follows:

Strengthening Local Parishes – $17,000,000

Building the Church for Tomorrow – $14,000,000

Revitalizing Our Inheritance – $14,000,000

Giving to Others – $5,000,000

Total $50,000,000

2. How is the campaign different from FaithWorks?
FaithWorks is the annual appeal to raise funds for 14 community ministries and three partner agencies, providing services to those most in need across the Diocese of Toronto.

The Our Faith – Our Hope campaign is an extraordinary effort above and beyond FaithWorks to ensure the future viability of the Diocese and to raise funds for individual parishes. The campaign is a necessary measure to meet the growing demands of the Diocese.

Please note that the Diocese will continue to depend on funds raised through FaithWorks. Donors will be asked to maintain current annual gift levels in addition to campaign investments.

3. Who will be asked to support the Our Faith – Our Hope campaign
Every Anglican household in the Diocese of Toronto will be asked for their prayerful consideration of a gift to the Our Faith – Our Hope campaign.

4. What percentage of funds do parishes receive?
Parishes will receive 40% of all funds collected up to the campaign goal. After the goal is surpassed, parishes will receive 75% of the additional funds.

5. How can the parish share be used?
Parishes may use their Our Faith – Our Hope funds to address capital projects, retire or reduce debt, create a parish endowment, or other special projects identified by the parish. All capital improvement projects or endowments are subject to the normal Diocesan approval process.

6. How are parishes asked to participate?

Every parish will participate in the campaign. Parishes will conduct their campaign between August 2010 and November 2011. This timetable provides flexibility and should accommodate all parish situations. Each parish’s participation will be based on five principles: (1) prayer, (2) personal contact, (3) proportionate giving, (4) phased approach, and (5) pledged commitments.

With the assistance of Parish Campaign Directors and the Campaign Office staff, each parish within the Diocese of Toronto will run a parish based campaign to support this historic endeavour.

7. How will Our Faith – Our Hope impact weekly offertory at our parish?
In the short term, offertory giving is expected to remain constant. Through the sacrificial Our Faith – Our Hope campaign, parishioners are encouraged to make extraordinary pledges above and beyond regular giving. Parishioners are not asked to diminish giving to their parishes, rather to consider a greater commitment to the Church. Similar campaigns in other dioceses have actually resulted in increases in parish offertory. This can be attributed to parishioners strengthening their vision of “Church” and therefore embracing stewardship as a way of life.

8. Why is my participation important?
The Diocese has always counted on the broad-based support of its parishioners to accomplish its fundraising objectives, particularly for FaithWorks, and the challenge for this campaign is no different. The Diocese is asking every family to consider a gift to the campaign (over and above their continued support of their parish and FaithWorks) as a major commitment of their charitable resources over a five year period. Your gift will make a significant difference.

9. How much should I consider giving?

Your gift should be determined after prayer for God’s guidance. While we do not know about your family’s financial situation, we encourage you to consider a pledge to this campaign that best complements your propensity for sacrificial giving.

Gifts to Our Faith – Our Hope ought to be equal in sacrifice, not necessarily equal in dollar amount, and it is our hope that your giving reflects this measure. We recognize that your financial situation in unique and, ultimately, your prayerful decision will be most appropriate. This campaign is monumental in our church’s history, and we hope your commitment will mirror that. Remember, gifts can be pledged over a five year period.

10. Why are pledges emphasized? Why encourage pledging instead of a one-time gift?
Our Faith – Our Hope encourages pledged gifts because it allows individuals and families the opportunity to consider larger commitments than they may ordinarily be able to consider. From similar campaigns, we have learned that donors who pledge are able to consider sacrificial gifts as much as three or four times larger than those who make one-time gifts. This is important for a fundraising effort of the magnitude of Our Faith – Our Hope.

11. Is my pledge legally binding?
No. A pledge is a good faith commitment made under a particular set of circumstances. If those circumstances change, donors can adjust their pledge payment schedule or balance accordingly.

12. To whom should an initial payment cheque be made payable?
An initial payment cheque should be made payable to Our Faith – Our Hope.

13. How should subsequent payments be made?
A donor may choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The Diocese will send reminders according to the donor’s chosen schedule. The Diocese of Toronto offers a variety of options by which to make a pledge payment. Payments should not be made directly to the parish.

15. Can I make a stock gift?
Yes, stock is a convenient way of giving. If a donor is considering a transfer of stock, they should contact the Director of Finance at 416-363-6027 ext.238 at the Diocese.

16. To what extent are gifts to the Our Faith – Our Hope campaign tax deductible?
Gifts to the campaign are tax deductible as allowed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Parishioners with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their tax advisors.

17. Will campaign funds be separate from other Diocesan accounts?
Yes. The funds provided to the campaign will remain separate and distant from current Diocesan funds. Funds given to the campaign will be used only for the purposes outlined in the campaign case statement.

Additional Campaign Resources

For more information, please contact the Stewardship Development Office at 416-363-6021 (1-800-886-8932).